CT Water Scarcity: Govt’s Media Manager Begs God To Find Another Way Of Punishing White People


AfriForum has called for the immediate dismissal of Esethu Hasane, Media and Communication Manager at the Department of Sport and Recreation, for his racist statement on Twitter and Facebook over CT water scarcity.

Following the CT water crisis and strong dry wind that rocked parts of the port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, the media manager Esethu Hasane posted words that insinuated that the situation was as a result of God’s punishment to white people.

He took to his Twitter handle to comment on the crippling CT water scarcity in the Western Cape; only, he felt the need to add that the drought might be God’s way of punishing white people.

CT water scarcity has become an issue of major concern to the city’s administration headed by Mayor Patricia De Lille who has been up with great measures to deal with the situation particularly in areas like Western Cape.

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Mayor Patricia de Lille, at a media briefing, provided an update on the current drought situation, saying that as of February 27, dam levels dropped to 33% which is 1.5% down from a week ago.

She said dam levels are effectively at 23% with the last 10% of a dam’s water mostly not being useable, while consumption is at 837 million litres of collective usage a day, which is above the revised water consumption target of 700 million litres a day.

The low water level in the area has also not helped the fire outbreak that sparked off in parts of the city which took days before it was quelled.

The large vegetation fire raged on the corner of Voortrekker Road and 18th Avenue in Kensington and was burning close to several shacks as Cape Town’s firefighters were hard at work trying to extinguish several blazes amid high temperatures and dry conditions.

Meanwhile, Afriforum wrote to South Africa’s Department of Sport and Recreation under the management of Minister Fikile Mbalula, charging it to fire Esethu Hasane for his hate speech.

In the letter, the non governmental organization said comment by its staff was anti-white and thus would not be accepted.

“Mr. Hasane’s statement again confirms that anti-white racism is rife in your department. His statement does not come as a surprise, as it has already become evident that your Department’s pressure on sport federations to implement rigid racial quotas is not a sincere effort to develop athletes from all communities, but rather a racist campaign to reduce the number of white sportsmen and women in teams. You are trying to hide your Department and Government’s failure to establish sport in township and rural schools by targeting white people.

“Furthermore, we demand that you and your Department publicly denounce Mr. Hasane’s racist statement and to distances yourselves therefrom without delay.” the organization demanded.

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At this, Hasane returned to his twitter handle to say “AfriForum wants me fired,”  His comment was followed by three mock-crying emojis.

Afriforum has however asked his members to join in the fight to see that the anti-white racist is finally removed.