Proposal To Have Pastors Licensed Gets Tremendous Support


The Commission for Promotions and Protection of the Rights of Religious‚ Cultural and Linguistic Communities (CRL) has proposed the commercialization of religion in the country.

This follows startling revelations of scandals where members are eating grass and drinking petrol as part of spirituality in some churches in the country.

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The CRL said it took the decision after it received reliable information that some pastors who were chased out of some neighboring countries are running churches in Mzansi.

Given all these, it recommended the establishment of a regulatory body in which religious groups and even individuals can register. Registered members or religious groups will be issued a license once such individual (s) completes registration and other requirements.

Weighing in on the matter, CRL commissioner Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva added that the regulator body will be empowered to revoke erring pastors’ licences, once established.

“The system needs to protect congregants‚ religion and the country. If you do something wrong and your peer review mechanism says you are wrong, they will have their own system to say this is enough. It is the end of the road for you. Find another skill. You can’t be one of us. We are not apologetic about that‚” Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said.

Meanwhile, the CRL said by Friday, it will send an official report with definitions and detailed recommendations to church leaders and traditional healers and that they will have three weeks to go through it and make contributions as well.

Controversial South African Pastors Appear Before CRL

A few months ago, the commission interrogated some erring pastors whose “ungodly” acts raised some dust in the country. Among the church leaders who appeared before the commission was Penuel Mnguni, popularly called “snake pastor”. Mnguni allegedly fed his congregants hair‚ cloths‚ rats‚ ants and carpets.

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His partner‚ Pastor Lesego Daniels‚ also appeared before the commission. He allegedly fed people grass‚ leaves and petrol and all manner of rubbish.

When asked why they did such, they insisted that God instructed them to, arguing that none of their members have died since then.

Meanwhile, many pastors in the country have welcomed the idea. They also promised to cooperate with the commission.