Cricket To Introduce Yellow And Red Cards In Matches


The cricket community is worried that cricketers are increasingly having the urge to bash fellow cricketers’ heads with their bats during competition. As such, the cricket world is set to introduce some kind of deterrent to ensure players are well-behaved during games.

Reporting this, The Telegraph related that suggestions are being made to send off players for the rest of the game if they are involved in “the most serious level-four offences, such as threatening an umpire, assaulting a player, official or spectator, and racist abuse. If it is a batsman, he will be “retired out”.

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For a level-three offence such as threatening and intimidating behavior, or bowling a deliberate beamer, suggested sanctions include 10 overs in the sin-bin.

Lesser offences including time-wasting, dissent or deliberate physical contact such as shoulder-barging would bring an immediate five-run penalty.

Although the decision to introduce the sanctions to professional cricket are to be made by the International Cricket Council, The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) according to a cricbuzz report, “is all set to use red cards and yellow cards in matches in England that will include run penalties and players being sent off, the club.”

Pending the outcome, it’s been speculated that the relevant cricket governing bodies are expected to follow suit if the MMC trial is successful.

Commenting, Fraser Stewart, the MCC’s head of laws told Telegraph Sport that the sanctions proposed are necessary as there are increased number of players reported for wrong doings. Citing statistics, Stewart stated that “five games had to be abandoned due to varying degrees of violence” the previous summer.

“That is an increase, for sure. It was felt that now was a good time to review this whole area and perhaps try to find leagues, competitions and schools willing to trial means that act as a deterrent,” he added.

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