Creepy Pastor Freezing Members For Thirty Minutes


God works in miraculous ways, everything is possible, and you can do all things with Him.

Prophet Penuel Muguni of the End Times Disciple Ministries, yeah the ‘Snake pastor’ has long discovered how to tap into God’s capacity to do the impossible.

He’s done creepy impossible things before. Now, he’s up with freezing Members for 30 minutes.

We were all freaked out when the pastor fed his congregation inedible things ranging from grass to hairs, stones, rodents and snakes.

South Africa’s Cultural, Religious and Linguistics (CRL) Rights Commission got him to explain why he made South Africans eat snakes and rats.

The pastor argued that “there’s what we call demonstration of God’s power in proving that God has sent you. That’s why no one died after eating the snakes. The ate it and it taste(d) like chocolate…”

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Thereafter, he’s been working freaky wonders with ‘God’s power’.

To name a few, he’s transformed ‘straight men’ to gays and has commanded his members to lie on the floor while a moving car drove over them.

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As culled from the End Times Disciple Ministries’ Facebook page, Prophet Penuel was preaching on ‘offence causing God not to perform’ when he declared thus: “they will burn me and I won’t be burned.”

With that, the snake pastor started freezing members of his church. He commanded a man to  step inside a deep refrigerator and sleep deep. The refrigerator was reportedly “switched on and very cold”. Penuel then closed the deep refrigerator for thirty minutes without opening it.

Creepy Pastor Now Freezing Members For Thirty Minutes13

Thereafter, the ‘Holy Spirit’ led Prophet Penuel to command another young lady into the deep refrigerator that was on a high freezing point.

Creepy Pastor Now Freezing Members For Thirty Minutes67

“He commanded her to fall into a deep sleep. The man of God then closed the deep refrigerator for more than thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes he opened the refrigerator and commanded the young lady to wake up, and he asked the lady who had ice on her body what was happening.

Creepy Pastor Now Freezing Members For Thirty Minutes45

She said the deep refrigerator was very hot and she didn’t feel any coldness of the ice,” related the End Times Disciple Ministries.