Angelic Horse Rides Mugabe to Heaven: Craziest Mugabe Story of 2016


How much do you like Mr Mugabe, what’s your love for him like? Is it such that has left you screaming ‘Long Live Uncle Bob’ for a long time?

Scream no more. There is a prophecy that says Mugabe wouldn’t die. He will like the biblical Elijah, be taken to heaven when he’s done with living on earth.

Not long past, reports that SA prophet, Lethebo Rabalango prophesied that Zim’s President Robert Mugabe will never get to die for him to be buried, flamed the internet.

Mugabe will depart this earth via an angelic horse which will ride his straight up to heaven, claimed the prophet.

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While Prophet Rabalango was dishing out “God’s words” at his Mount of Zion General Assembly church in Polokwane, he asserted that Uncle Bob saved black humanity.

Thus, he’ll be rewarded with leaving the world without dying.

“I saw a vision,” started prophet Rabalango. In the vision, “Mugabe was dressed in white and surrounded by old prophets and great people who were congratulating him for his impact to mankind especially the black people.

“Then I saw him being raised to heaven,” finished the prophet.

Nevertheless, if you’re convinced like Donald Trump, that Robert Mugabe is an alien bedeviling Zimbabweans, you’ll have to draft out how to lobby Mugabe’s conscience and get him abandon leading the South African country while we wait for the Angelic Horse to ferry him away.

Already, the ancient leader has been endorsed as Zimbabwe’s ruling party’s presidential candidate for the country’s 2018 elections.

Meanwhile, it’s important to point-out that 2016 won’t go down as a year Uncle Bob was lashed all-through.

True, the year saw a strong agitation against his government. Even his buddies stood up against him and, at some point, soldiers and police in Zimbabwe indicated their interest in joining the protests demanding the removal of Uncle Bob as the President of the nation.

Like the 92-year-old leader once said, he “died and resurrected” many times this year.

That said, 2016 wouldn’t deny that Mr. Mugabe earned some love from a huge number of his foes when he indicated his interest in castrating people who rape children in his country.

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