Court To Re-open The #ZephanyNurse Trial


Still, remember the Zephany Nurse kidnap case? Well, the almost controversial case against the kidnap of a three-day-old baby named Zephany by a nurse from Cape Town’s Groote Schuur hospital in 1997 has been reopened and a proper court hearing will be made on Tuesday 23rd of February this year.

The trial of the woman who allegedly snatched a baby from the above-named hospital almost two decades ago will be back in the dock on Tuesday as the State and the defense finalizes admissions before the trial starts.

The 51-year-old suspect was said to have snatched the baby from her sleeping mother Celeste Nurse who she claimed was her friend. The Accused was also said to have convinced Celeste to hand over Zephany so she could rest.

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Six years after the accused took the baby away, she was said to have taken the child to the Department of Home Affairs in Malmesbury and registered her as her own daughter and in her application, she claimed she gave birth to Zephany in Retreat on the day she was snatched, April 30, 1997.

Baby Zephany’s identity was later discovered when her biological sister, who is four years younger, told her parents that a matric girl at her school bore a striking resemblance to her and her father.

When they discovered the girl had the same birthday as their missing child, the parents reported it to the police. DNA tests which were later conducted confirmed the teen is indeed their daughter.

However, when confronted with the accusation, the 50-year-old Lavender Hill woman claimed she had never been near the hospital and that the baby was given to her by another woman. After her release on R5 000 bail in March last year, the case is set to be reopened this week and the Western Cape High Court Judge Tandaswa Ndita is to preside over the trial.

Moreover, Zephany’s maternal granny, Marilyn Francis had on Sunday said they are eagerly waiting for the truth behind the kidnap revealed.

“We will all be in court and of course we are nervous but we just want this whole thing to be over and done with so that we can move on with our lives,” she said.

“It’s been hanging over our heads for months now and every time the case comes up we are (opening up) old wounds.

“It’s going to be very emotional for all of us, but all we want is for the truth to finally come out so that we can all truly move forward,” she said.

Meanwhile, the proceedings today was presided by John Hlophe but depositions were not yet finalized as seven people are expected to appear as the witness and the state would finalize a lengthy list of submissions with defense.

Notably, the Western Cape’s Social Development MEC Albert Fritz is expected to attend the trial as the accused will be facing a three-count charge of kidnapping, fraud, and contravening the Children’s Act. Hlophe says the trial should not take longer than a week.

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