Couples Only: 10 Foods That Can Boost Your Libido This Valentine’s Day

Since time immemorial, food has been considered natural sexual enhancers. If you are among those who prefer to sleep than to have sex with their partner, then you need a little booster to awaken your sex drive. But instead of resorting to Viagra and other artificial means, here are 10 foods that can boost your libido and increase your sex drive naturally.

Years of research has shown that there are certain foods that contain elements that can boost and stimulate the hormones that increase the sexual drive in both men and women. Below is a list of 10 foods that can boost your libido and sex drive.

Black Raspberries

A handful of both the berries and the seeds a day will transform your mindset for getting in the mood and erase any form of boredom in the bedroom. According to Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement “This phytochemical-rich food enhances both libido and sexual endurance” Consume 10 black raspberries or a tablespoon of seeds a few hours before getting busy with your partner.


Because of the suggestive shape, banana is possibly the most famous recognized fruit that resembles a phallus. It is also considered an aphrodisiac.

This fruit is stocked full of nutrients, Potassium and Vitamin B that aid in the production of hormones.

In Central America, they use the sap from a red banana tree to make a sexual elixir.


University of Hawaii researchers discovered that women who took a ginseng supplement get an increased libido in a month while 68 percent also confirmed there was an overall improvement in their sex life. “Add ginseng into your diet or try one of the many ginseng teas available,” Glassman says. “Just don’t jump at the sight of ginseng, though. Many energy drinks that claim to have ginseng in them also contain chemicals and tons of sugar, and there’s nothing sexy about that.” This is a fact to note.


Add some chilli to your meals to spice up your relationship.  When you spice your food with chilli, you get heated up with increased blood flow, increased heart rate and stimulated nerve endings.

Chilli can be added to your food in different ways but be sure to wear a glove while handling it to avoid biting more than you can chew.

You can fry, poach, scramble and do a lot of things with eggs and it will still go along way in stirring up the dead drive in you. “Eggs are high in protein, which is a source of stamina, and they’re also low in calories,” Glassman says. “In addition, they’re a good source for an amino acid L-arginine, which has been shown effective in treating types of heart ailments and erectile dysfunction” He added.

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Chocolate has the reputation of being the age-old aphrodisiac for the sweet lover

You might be wondering why chocolate is among the foods that can boost your libido and how this sweet enemy will help in boosting your libido. Here is your answer-

Chocolate contains two chemicals, phenylethylamine, and anandamide which boost your serotonin levels, otherwise known as the happy hormone.

Eat with strawberries to enhance efficiency.


Eighteenth-century Casanova who was known for a voracious appetite for sex consumed 50 oysters every morning to increase his libido. The strategy must have worked because he was a ladies man.

Oysters are high in zinc and amino acids which are associated with fertility and trigger sexual hormones respectively.

Buy fresh oysters from your local fish shop today ahead of Valentine’s Day.


If you’re really looking for a sweet romance and libido-booster, stick to a slice of watermelon.

Though 92 percent of it is water, the remaining 8 percent is jam-packed with vital nutrients for increased sexual health. Researchers at the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center reported in 2008 that watermelon has ingredients that delivered Viagra-like effects to the human body’s blood vessels and could even aid in increasing libido.

“Watermelon contains a phytonutrient called citrulline, which the body converts to arginine, an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, which relax blood vessels in the same way a medicine like Viagra does,” said Dr Clement.


Whether you take it raw, in supplement form, in a drink or added to your favourite recipe, ginger also contributes to a healthy sex drive.

“VII and the ancient Asians were astute when using ginger for medicinal purposes,” say Drs. Clement. “In the 21st century, those of us who know about botanical-ceuticals know that ginger helps circulation temperature adjustment, mucoid detoxification (the mucus-like residue that can coat your GI tract) and also a libido enhancer”.

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Raw, sautéed, or cooked, toss this vegetable in with your salad or alongside your steak, Broccoli is rich in vitamin c  which aids in blood circulation to organs and has also been associated with an improved female libido. If you need to pick a veggie at dinner, make it this one.

The above listed 10 foods that can boost your libido is just a tip of the iceberg and is worth a try this Valentine’s Day. Ladies note the saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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