Couple Leaks Secrets To Their 82-Year-Long Marriage


Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz are the Tracy, Californian couple who celebrated 82 years of marriage last week. Nicholas turned 102nd last week while Rafaela turned 100 last October.

“Their parents lived to be 112 and 108, and they also had a happy marriage. Divorce isn’t really something our family has experienced,” Leticia Ordaz, one of the couple’s many grandchildren revealed.

“Nurturing those relationships is a huge part of our culture.” For the couple, romance runs in the family, so does long-term marriage.

Five generations of family members traveled to Tracy California, east of the Bay Area, to celebrate the couple’s 82nd marriage anniversary but even amidst all the celebration and joyous mood, the two only had eyes for each other.

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“At one point, my grandfather pulled her aside and said, ‘Rafaela, let’s go to the bedroom now.’ Of course we all heard and started howling!”

“But he didn’t even blush. He said that he had married the most beautiful woman in the world, and that her body was just as booming now as it was then.”

“They’re still so in love. It’s quite remarkable,” Ordaz said. “In every picture, they’re holding hands or trying to kiss each other.”

“They take care of each other,” Leticia said. “At the party, he kept looking around to see if she had gotten any cake yet. She has diabetes — she can’t really have cake! But he wanted them to experience it together.”  Leticia is one of their grandchildren and she just celebrated her 10 years marriage anniversary at the age of 39. she said her grandparents have given her a lot to live for.

“When they celebrated their 75th anniversary, they had a big wedding party to renew their vows. It was at that point that we thought, ‘Wow, this is special.’ We started doing research to see if they were breaking any records.”

However, the couple still has a few more years before they take the official title. Guinness World Records recorded a U.S. couple Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher who were married for 86 years and 290 days before Fisher died on Feb. 27, 2011.

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“Now that they’re getting older, their memories aren’t as sharp,” Leticia says. “They forget everyone else’s names, but always remember each other.”

The couple has cited mutual respect and “not sweating the small stuff” as key to their relationship’s longevity. This should serve as a good example to learn from. young couples and even the singles should learn to tolerate and respect their partners and above all, take care of each other at all times.