Newly-Elected Councillor Who Landed In Hot Water To Face Charges


When DA’s newly-elected Councillor Angus McKenzie pulled out of his office in Kiaat Way, Bonteheuwel, in his blue Ford Ranger bakkie, little did he know he would land in hot water on his way.

McKenzie accidentally knocked down a six-year-old girl – Iraan Isaacs’, who was riding a bicycle in the street.

The Councillor said: “The girl was riding her bike while she was accompanied by her sister. As the gate opened I heard her sister shout ‘get out of the way’’.

As I pulled away she drove into the side of my car. I immediately stopped and got out of the car. I checked to see if she was OK then I called the whole world, police, emergency services, everyone.”

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After the incidence, McKenzie said the girl was conscious and his car wasn’t damaged but his number plate was spoilt.

But the Councillor’s woes started when the girl’s family threatened to rope him to court for not apologizing to them.

Isaacs’ granny told reporters that McKenzie failed to show remorse for his act despite the fact that his granddaughter’s skull got a crack in the accident.

“She also has some bleeding [in the head] because of this and doctors say they still need to monitor her so they can see how serious it is. Luckily no bones were broken.

Her mother is with her at Red Cross Hospital because she cries when she is left alone. We just hope there’s no permanent damage,” the old woman said.

She insisted that the family seeks not to damage the Councillor’s reputation or ruin career but that the law to take its course. More so, Kenzie’s refusal to apologize really escalated their anger.

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In response, the embattled Councillor insisted that he apologized to the family and even promised to assist them.

“I can understand that the mother and grandmother are possibly still in shock and they probably don’t remember that I apologized. I will support them in any way I can. If needs be I will apologize again,” he argued.

The family has already reported and laid charges against Councillor Angus McKenzie.