Cost of Prescription Glasses in South Africa

The cost of prescription glasses in South Africa is influenced by many factors. Brands, add-ons, and retailer influence constitute some of the factors that influence the price of glasses. Nonetheless, prescription glasses generally are affordable. Depending on preference and other factors, you can get a good pair for about R350 or a few thousand.

Types of Prescription Glasses in South Africa and Their Cost

There is a wide range of eyeglasses available to men and women in the country who need them. Some glasses are made to fit the males better, while some are made for the females. It is almost easy to tell the difference in their style. However, the Cost of Prescription Glasses in South Africa is not influenced by gender. The price difference is influenced by other factors, which we will talk about later in this article.

Prescription Glasses for Men

There are various types of prescription glasses available for South African men. Aside from deferring in prices, these glasses also differ in their designs and the purpose for which they are used. These prescription glasses range from Classic Round Frame Eyeglasses, Rectangular Rimless Eyeglasses, Simple Box Eyeglasses, Half-Rimless Eyeglasses, Inverted Cat-Eye Eyeglasses, and Round Vintage Frame Eyeglasses.

Classic Round Frame Eyeglasses

Classic round frame eyeglasses are a great option for men who want to look simple while looking their best. It is priced between R955 to just above a thousand Rands, a relatively fair price. This eyeglass frame is usually made of quality steel, giving the wearer a simple yet sophisticated look. The lenses are usually round and large.

Rectangular Rimless Eyeglasses

This is another great option for men of the high class—this type of eyeglass costs between R773 to R1090. The wide range of prices is because the glasses come in different styles and quality. Despite the variation in styles, they all retain their original form of being rectangular and rimless. The lenses of this eyeglass are just big enough to cover the eyes.

Simple Box Eyeglasses

The simple box eyeglasses are one of the cheapest eyeglasses available for men. It costs between R499 to R586. If you are on a budget and looking to get a pair of glasses, you should try this option. It is light and comfortable and perfect for any face type. Its frame comes in different colors, including black and red.

Half-Rimless Eyeglasses

Spectacles with rims that extend only halfway along the lenses always give you a confident and smart appearance. The half-rimless eyeglasses are mostly priced at R953. It has a quality steel frame and rectangular lenses, which are neither too large nor too small. This is ideal for older adults, although young boys can choose to use them too.

Inverted Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

Stylish men always reflect their sense of style in almost everything they put on, their glasses inclusive. The inverted cat-eye glasses are perfect for men who love to appear different from the normal. Talk about eccentricity and sophistication put together. With about R1090, you can become a proud owner of this unique pair of spectacles.

Round Vintage Frame Eyeglasses

The round vintage frame eyeglasses are another excellent option for fashionable men. It has a conspicuous yet light frame in varied colors; black, brown, and even multi-colors. It is pretty affordable, and with just about R744, you can get a pair for yourself. This eyeglass allows you to make a fashion statement and appear very masculine.

Prescription Glasses for Women

As with the menfolk, prescription glasses for women in South Africa differ in various ways, ranging from prices to design and purpose. The prescription glasses here include Cat-Eye Eyeglasses, Round Chic Frame Eyeglasses, Dual Rim Eyeglasses, Multi-Colored Frame Eyeglasses, Vintage Frame Eyeglasses, and Classic Metal Frame Eyeglasses.

Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

One of the most common yet unique eyeglasses peculiar to females is cat-eye glasses. It comes in different colors, and it is a good option for stylish women. In South Africa, it is sold from about R535 to up to R636. Some of the frames are made of plastic, while others are steel. This is one of the reasons why their prices vary.

Round Chic Frame Eyeglasses

Maintain elegance and style with the round chic frame eyeglasses that cost just about R499. So, if you are on a budget but still want to get a pair of spectacles that will look confident at all times, you should try this option. It usually comes with a multi-colored frame and a pair of circular lenses that are large enough to cover the eyes and immediate ocular region.

Dual Rim Eyeglasses

The dual rim eyeglasses are not your everyday type of glasses. This is best for South African women who want to stand out with their choice of spectacles. This glass has a pair of round lenses edged by clear plastic. The handle is then made of multi-colored plastic, which extends to the outer part of the translucent rim. This unique eyeglass is sold for R953.

Multi-Colored Frame Eyeglasses

women who love colors and colorful glasses can get a pair of multi-colored framed eyeglasses for about R535 or R622. These glasses usually come with circular or rectangular lenses, and their prices vary depending on the shape of the lenses. It is a great option for young girls and teenagers.

Vintage Frame Eyeglasses

The most common type of eyeglasses are those that come with transparent lenses. However, there are unique ones that come with tinted lenses. These vintage frame eyeglasses have their lenses slightly tinted to match the frame color. You can get a pair for about R888 to R1522. It is relatively pricey because of the tint added to it.

Classic Metal Frame Eyeglasses

Metal frame eyeglasses are always simple and classy and give the wearer a sophisticated and confident look. In South Africa, women can get metal frame glasses that are designed for females for about R744. The price may vary depending on the quality or uniqueness of the spectacle.

Factors That Affect Cost of Prescription Glasses in South Africa

  • The type and style of frame. Top designer frames cost more
  • The material used in making the glasses like plastic, glass, steel, etc.
  • strength of prescription
  • Add-ons to the lenses, like tint, etc.

Where Can I Buy Prescription Glasses in South Africa?

The prescription glasses listed in this article are not hard to find. You can find them in traditional eyeglass stores around you. However, if you want to buy them online, you can find them in South African stores like Optically, Torga Optical, Global Eyes, Lindberg Eyewear, etc.

Cost Of Prescription Glasses in South Africa Has A Wide Range

Like most countries, South Africa has some very cheap and some really expensive eyeglasses. As discussed, the Cost of Prescription Glasses in South Africa is determined by many factors exclusive of gender. Nonetheless, there is an option for everyone. Whatever your budget or personal preference may be, this list will help you choose what you want with ease.

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