COSATU Kicks Against Zuma’s Impeachment But Tells Him To Denounce The Guptas


The Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU) has urged President Zuma to severe ties with the heavily-connected Gupta family. The union also enjoined President Zuma to reprimand them and make it clear that they do not have his tacit support or endorsement.

The union further asserted that the top ANC leaders who confessed that they were offered government positions by the Guptas must be absolutely right.

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“We have no reason not to believe the disciplined ANC cadres, who alleges that they were offered positions by the Guptas. The Gupta family has embarrassed‚ weakened and divided the movement at all levels. They are a huge political liability,” the federation said.

The union made this clarion call after its political commission members met to debate the Constitutional Court ruling on Nkandla and its resultant political implications‚ as well as the other controversial issues.

However, after the union’s meeting, the committee stated that it has accepted President Zuma’s apology and ‘commended him on his commitment to reimburse the state some of the monies spend on his Nkandla residence upgrades.’

The federation noted that ConCourt’s ‘damning’ judgment on President Zuma should prompt the ruling party to spring back to its original purpose and fight to retain Zuma’s seat of power.

This court ruling should act as a wake-up call for both the executive and the National Assembly to do some serious introspection. They need to reflect deeply on what the court said and make sure that they do everything to win over the violated confidence of the people of South Africa,” Cosatu asserted.

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Commenting on moves for Zuma’s impeachment by opposition parties, Cosatu implored members of the ruling party to see to it that ANC MPs vote against the motion. The union told the MPs “not to defend and serve an individual but to defend our revolutionary gains.”

They further stated that “they [MPs] should remember that they do not represent themselves and their personal views but a movement that is in pursuit of the national democratic revolution.”

Cosatu added that as a leader of the society‚ the ANC should act to stop the corporate capture of the state‚ eliminate corruption and make sure that its deployees execute their mandates with integrity and diligence. The ruling party was also urged to defend and protect its moral authority and standing by ensuring that there is discipline and accountability inside the organisation and in its government.

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