Finally! COSATU Agrees It’s Time To Do Away With Zuma


For reasons best know to the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) it has never supported the many agitations demanding the removal of President Zuma as the leader of South Africa.

True, COSATU had severally expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of the ANC. But, this is the first time the congress of trade unions would publicly express the need to oust Mr Zuma as South Africa’s president.

Earlier this year, COSATU proclaimed that ANC’s political neck is in the hangman’s noose. Then, the congress was pissed with Zuma’s insinuation that he wouldn’t support his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa to become the next president of ANC and of course, the country.

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Referring to it’s support for Mr Ramaphosa to take over from Zuma, Cosatu said: “Our alliance is a relationship of equals and if the ANC prides itself of being a leader of the alliance, it needs to learn to listen to and engage with the alliance without characterizing our actions and views as impertinent.”

Now, COSATU has indicated that it will no longer cope with the absence of “constructive engagement” in Zuma’s leadership. COSATU believe Zuma’s leadership has been treating the congress as irrelevant. Thus, has expressed that President Zuma is no longer fit to lead the ANC and the country.

This time, COSATU is pissed with the manner Mr Zuma carried out his recent Cabinet reshuffle. The congress convened a Special Central Executive Committee meeting on Monday where it discussed the reshuffling.

Commenting on the outcome of the meeting, COSATU’s general secretary, Bheki Ntshalintshali said:

“Cosatu no longer believes that the president is the right person to unite and lead the movement‚ the alliance and the country.

We think that after all his undeniable contribution to both the movement and government‚ the time has arrived for him to step down and allow the country to be led forward by a new collective at a government level.

We no longer believe in his leadership abilities and we shall be communicating that decision to our ally, the ANC.”

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Ntshalintshali further disclosed that the congress’ Central Executive Committee will also, demand of the ANC and Zuma to explain why they weren’t consulted as an alliance partner before the reshuffling of the cabinet.

To them, that failure to consult them was an abandonment of longstanding traditions between the ANC and COSATU.

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