Cosatu No Longer After Workers Well-being- Zuma


Recent political talks and protest both withing and outside the ANC has seen much of Cosatu and the SACP coming to limelight with many of the organisations’ leaders interfering in political issues, leaving their main duties.

The President Jacob Zuma insinuated this while calling on the organisation’s leadership to focus more on looking after workers wellbeing and not on him or the ANC.

Addressing hundreds of church leaders, followers and ANC supporters in Durban on Sunday during a prayer service dedicated to asking for protection from his adversaries, Zuma lashed out at the SACP, COSATU and SA National Civic Organisation saying they have failed to perform their duties to the people of South Africa because they paid much attention to matter concerning him and the ruling ANC.

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To the South African Communist party (SACP), Zuma said the party failed to promote socialism, which was much-needed in South Africa, while to Cosatu he said it had paid little attention to challenges facing workers.

“Some people should talk about socialism instead of the ANC,” Zuma said in reference to the SACP,

“They have time to waste discussing the ANC on Saturday and Sunday. They don’t talk about themselves, while they have serious problems of their own.

“We were told that we are going to adopt socialism. When are we going to start fighting for it?” he said.

The President also urged Cosatu to focus on workers’ issues because since the world was approaching a fourth industrial revolution, “the computers are taking over jobs from workers”.

“We don’t hear them discussing the future of the workers, but they are busy discussing the ANC.

“Ever since the ANC was started, you never heard it even a single day discussing one of the alliance partners,” he noted.

“This president is not contesting against anyone and is only preparing to retire and enjoy his pension. Why is the person preparing to retire being fought against?” he asked.

Zuma’s talk on his plans after the end of his tenure as the President follows his recent public announcement of his support for his ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to become the next ANC president.

Zuma with Dlamini-Zuma

Zuma was speaking at a church gathering in Bulwer in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday when he publicly announced his support for the former AU board chair.

The prayer gathering at People’s Park in Durban on the same day was a reaction to several calls for Zuma to step down before the end of his term in 2019. Among those calling for his head are senior ANC leaders and veterans.

There, Zuma also lashed out at certain ANC leaders who according to him have been holding meetings in “dark corners” to discuss party matters, instead of doing so within legitimate party structures.

The president also challenged those his haters to tell him what wrong he had committed against them. To opposition parties, he said they’ve been clear enough to show that their mission was to destroy the ANC and take over the country.

“We must ask those of us who have grouped themselves why are they fighting against a person who is walking out as if he is coming in.

“We must ask why the leadership battle is so much that it is like there is no tomorrow. We must ask what makes people fight so much against their own movement,” he said.

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Bishop Laurence Mahlakwane, the organiser of the prayer service, however, promised Zuma that the church leaders in eThekwini would defend him because God had put him in the position.

“His power comes from above as he was not elected by thousands of voters, but by millions. He was the president yesterday, he is the president today and he will be the president tomorrow,” he said.

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