COSAS Threatens To Sjambok All Nyaope Dealers And Users


The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) has issued a clear warning and declared war on those associated with the nyaope drug. They have promised to take the law into their own hands and bring an end to nyaope.

Their own idea of putting a stop to the use of nyaope is to sjambok anyone who is associated with the drug.

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COSAS secretary-general Khulekani Skosana described drug abuse as the “biggest enemy” to the education system which must be stopped. Drug abuse is a major setback that threatens the future of young people.

He said all nyaope users and dealers must be on the run whenever they see learners in uniform because they are out to get them.

“We are taking strong stance against drug abuse. We are saying any nyaope addict or dealer must not be comfortable when they see learners in a uniform, they must run,” said Skosana.

“We have taken a radical decision to procure sjamboks for students to use on these nyaope addicts and dealers.”

Skosana also added that “no to drugs at school” would form part of the education declarations that COSAS will present to President Jacob Zuma on Friday during their “Learn Without Fear” convention to be held at Orlando Stadium, Soweto.

He lamented that the police had failed to protect young people from nyaope and accused them of accepting bribes from dealers instead of stopping them from destroying the future generation.

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“We are not apologetic, and yes, we are instigating violence against people who promote or sell nyaope in our communities.”

Skosana displayed a nonchalant attitude to what people may think about their actions and remained adamant in their decision to get rid of nyaope themselves since their parents and the grownups have failed to do it.

He made a clarion call need to the communities to support their campaign.

However, the young leader refused to reveal how the organisation was going to start with its campaign or even how it’s going to execute it.

“All we are saying is that nyaope smokers and dealers are going to be hospitalised very soon.”

Meanwhile, police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, condemned the approach that COSAS wanted to use and said it is “wrong”.

“You cannot fight evil with evil, and as much as we understand their frustration, they need to come to us and tell us what they want to see happen instead of turning to violence.

He said that threat COSAS is throwing around is really worrisome and incites violence. He warned them of the consequences of breaking the law and implored them to work with the police to achieve their aims.

“We are making an appeal to COSAS to show leadership and work with the police.”

Also, speaking for the Department of Basic Education was Elijah Mhlanga who also condemned the move that could easily promote violence which will only worsen the situation of things.

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“We encourage COSAS to work together with the department by using the channels that are already there to fight drug abuse at schools as opposed to promoting violence,” Mhlanga said.

A remarkable controversial campaign was embarked on by the organisation last year where they called for pupils to hit teachers who practice corporal punishment. Now, Skosana said this campaign was very effective.

“There are many teachers who can attest that our mechanism is effective. There is a teacher at Phateng Secondary School in Mamelodi who was sjambokked by COSAS and he later apologised. Today he is back in class teaching and no longer uses corporal punishment.”