Corruption Watch Says Zuma Would Be Guilty Of Corruption If The Guptas Offered Mentor The Ministerial Job


The Guptas family has never ceased to make headlines. This time, the shocking revelation of a former African National Congress (ANC) MP has brought to light the thickness of the family’s influence in South Africa.

Though, Buzzsouthafrica is yet to substantiate the claim by the former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor but the events that have so far come to limelight showed that the family may have been playing crucial roles in ministerial nominations behind president Zuma.

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Be that as it may, Corruption Watch  has reacted to the trendy confession of V. Mentor. The organization postulated that President Jacob Zuma may be guilty of corruption if he has been truly abusing ministerial appointments.

Speaking further, Corruption Watch director David Lewis opined that, “If the president had offered a cabinet post to anybody in exchange for that person exercising his or her official responsibilities to suit the private interests of the president or his family or a close business associate, .”

The organization further noted that though Mentor’s claim is yet to be verified but it will in the best interest of Zuma to severe his ties with family if it’s proven that the Guptas offered her the job without his [Zuma] approval.

“If the Guptas had the authority to offer that position in exchange for a personal consideration for themselves, you would have evidence – not only of the most serious state capture, but also of corruption. If they had no authority and they were simply just bluffing, it’s for the president to disallow the Guptas.”

Mentor, who was a former South African Member of Parliament and African National Congress (ANC) comrade made this revelation while chatting with DA’s r Johann Abrie on social media.

According to her, she was offered a job as Minister of Public Enterprises on the condition that she dropped the SAA flight route to India to hand it over to them.

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She remarked that while the discussion with the family was on-going, President Zuma was in another room at the Guptas family home.

“I refused and so was never made a minister‚” she said.

“The president was in another room when they offered this to me (at the Gupta home) in Saxonwold (Johannesburg).”

Last week, London-based daily Financial Times correspondent Andrew England reported that two weeks before President Zuma fired Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene in December, the Gupta family met with Deputy Finance
Minister, Mcebisi Jonas, at the family’s home in Saxonwold, to ask whether he was “interested in the Treasury’s top post”.

And following this shocking allegation, many people have been seeking answers from the Jonas.

The DA urged Jonas to break his silence and address the issue.

DA’s spokesperson David Maynier opined that, “The deputy minister’s best move would be to make a public statement, rather than zig-zagging his way around the hard questions

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