‘We Allowed Corruption To Invade SA’ – Chief Justice Mogoeng


In the words of South Africa’s top judge Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, corruption is a danger to South Africa’s democracy and it has been allowed to ingrain itself in our country.

“Corruption is a threat to our Constitution and democracy,”

Chief Justice Mogoeng stated in an interview.

“And unfortunately we’ve allowed it to almost entrench itself in our nation.”

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The Chief Justice made it clear that it is not allowed for politicians to do as they wish just because they are in power. This statement by Chief Justice Mogoeng came a week after delivering the bombshell judgement on the Nkandla case which ruled that the Public Protector’s remedial action was binding and by neglecting them, Zuma failed to uphold the constitution.

Mogoeng made it clear that every citizen of the country is bound by law to obey the constitution irrespective of who you are in the society.

“You can’t do as you please because you’re a politician. The law applies to all of us.”

Mogoeng’s appointment as chief justice in 2011 raised a great deal of criticism and protest regarding his eligibility to occupy such post. However, he was able to change all that with his ruling on the Nkandla case last week. He proved to all that he cannot be bought over and that his priority is to do his job the right way.

“I do not want to be a hero. I don’t want to leave a legacy. It should never be a consideration. You have a job to do every month that you get paid for, and that’s what I do.

“I said that since I was appointed. My soul is not for sale.”

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