AfriForum Erects A “Corruption Monument” Of Zuma In North West


It’s out of the ordinary to have a President with 783 corruption charges. For that and all other corrupt activities that have been linked to President Zuma, AfriForum and AfriForum Youth decided to honour the uncommon President with a monument. They erected a corruption monument of Zuma in  Groot Marico, North West Province.

According to the forum, the corruption monument it erected is a protest monument against the North West Provincial Government which recently started erecting a monument for Zuma. The monument is expected to cost about R1.7 million.

AfriForum added that the corruption monument of Zuma is a symbolic monument containing 783 nuts for every corruption complaint against the President.

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From our gatherings, the forum submitted two PAIA applications in May and June this year to obtain information about the erection of the statue after it was announced that a larger statue would be erected at R6 million.

“The North West Government decided on the smaller monument after opposition from opposition parties and the community,” AfriForum related. 

The organisation added that the activist action it planned for today against the smaller monument was cut short right after it erected the symbolic monument.

“…Bystanders started threatening the AfriForum and AfriForum Youth delegation with violence and destruction of their equipment,” the forum related. 

Commenting, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the North West, Tiaan Oosthuizen said:

It is sad that politicians can influence a community to the extent that it becomes riotous.

Groot Marico is in ruins and the community does not realise that the money can rather be used to upgrade infrastructure and provide informal settlements with basic services.”

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The District Coordinator said he had to leave the town because of the threats and violent actions directed at the forum.

“This was only activism to illustrate our unhappiness, but it quickly turned into a racial issue. We will never approve the erection of this monument,” added Oosthuizen.