Zimbabwe Is Dead-broke But Is Losing $1 Billion To Corruption Every Year


Zimbabwe is the country, Mugabe is the leader, the loss is $1 billion annually, the economy is a dead horse, corruption is a skyscraper, and the people are angrily hungry. Long live Uncle Bob, the lion of Africa.

Transparency International in a recent report revealed that Zimbabwe is losing about $1 billion each year.

The report listed the police and local government officials as the worst perpetrators of corruption in the southern Africa country.

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Adding to that, Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) buttressed that the police, local councils, the vehicle inspection department that issues driving licenses and the education department were among the most corrupt institutions.

“The resulting institutionalization and systematization of corruption in Zimbabwean political and economic spheres has been extensive. It would be surprising if the value (of corruption) were less than $1 billion annually,” TIZ stated.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that corruption in the country manifests mostly in form of public officials demanding bribes for basic services.

It’s been said that one can’t get a house plan approved or install an electricity meter without greasing Someone’s palm.

In 2015, Zimbabwe was positioned as the 150th out of 168 countries on the Transparency International index, which evaluated public perceptions of corruption in public institutions.

Reporting this, Reuters related that Mugabe admitted to corruption among his cabinet ministers but remarked that the police don’t have the evidence to prosecute.

Speaking for Uncle Bob, the nation’s Information Minister, Christopher Mushohwe said: “it could be true there could be corruption but we don’t have people who are prepared to give evidence.

“Give us the evidence and the law will take its course,” Minister Mushohwe added.

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Meanwhile, there’s a massive outcry over the appointment of Mugabe’s son-in-law, Simba Chikore, as Air Zimbabwe’s chief operating officer (COO).

The country’s opposition described that appointment as a “bad joke”. Speaking, the People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said: “it is yet, but one sign that we are a kangaroo republic.”

“The young man has no experience of running anything in his life, he has not even run a chicken run. To expect him to be in charge of a national airline, as COO, would have been a good April Fools’ Day joke and yet we are in October,” added Mafume.