Cope To ANC: ‘Let Thuli Have The Needed Funds To Complete The Guptagate Investigation’


Congress of the People (COPE) has called on the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to adhere to the calls of the Public protector for more money to continue with her investigation of  the alleged Guptagate.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela on Tuesday, requested for an additional R3 million funding so that her department could forge ahead with their investigation of the controversial Gupta family and their ties with government through President Jacob Zuma.

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Madonsela, who would be stepping down as the public protector by October this year, said she wants to “specifically look at whether or not the government of South Africa and specifically the president unlawfully allowed the Gupta family to choose ministers and other occupants of high office.”

On this note, Cope leader Dennis Bloem challenged the ANC to quickly provide the funds needed as the public Protector department is yet to finish its investigation on the Guptagate

“There is a little development regarding that little matter of state capture by the powerful Gupta family‚” he said.

“Thuli would like to investigate the matter before she leaves office if that little matter of funding could be sorted out quickly by government.”

Bloem also said that President Zuma – whom‚ it is claimed‚ the Guptas claim to enjoy a proximity to – “has been vigorously protesting that there is no such thing as state capture under him

“As the ANC agrees with him on that there should be no hesitation on the government’s part to meet Thuli’s funding request. Let her get on with the job and vindicate the ANC’s standpoint‚” he said.

Though the Gupta family has not been formally charged with any wrongdoing, and maintain their innocence in what has been called a “political plot against them”, many South Africans believe there is an iota of truth in the case and would want a proper investigation to be done.

The South African banks have even taken a step by shutting down the Gupta accounts, and forcing the family to step down from executive roles at their companies to avoid further damage and cope thinks its only proper for the protector to investigate and bring result of their finding for the sake of south Africans

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“The ANC should have nothing to fear from the Guptagate investigation. Government should therefore have no reason to deny her the funds she requires to examine ‘specifically whether or not the government … and specifically the president unlawfully allowed the Gupta family to choose ministers and other occupants of high office’.

“South Africans are already fully persuaded by what (ANC MP) Vytjie Mentoor and Deputy Minister Jonas Mcebisi so courageously revealed to the nation: the Guptas were involved in appointing ministers”.

To Bloem, also, a denial of the requested funds‚ or a choice by the ANC to drag “the matter out to make it coincide with her leaving office” will mean‚ that South Africa will have received the answer via the back door‚ namely‚ that the state has indeed been captured.

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