COPE Reminds Zuma And Mbete What Empty Benches In Parliament Signify


The Congress of the People (COPE) has commented on President Jacob Zuma’s instruction to National speaker Baleka Mbete to “get her house in order”.

According to the opposition party, there is no need for Mbete ‘to fix Parliament’ since the presidential budget reply was carried out in the presence of ’empty opposition benches’.

COPE also slammed the ‘bootlicking and bum-sucking African National Congress (ANC) caucus’ for being die-hard puppets of President Jacob Zuma and National speaker Baleka Mbete.

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The party’s spokesperson, Dennis Bloem further asserted that “The empty benches on the opposition side‚ with the exception of two Inkatha Freedom Party members who cut very lonely figures‚ spoke loudly and clearly of the trust deficit in the present leadership of the ruling party.”

Bloem added that of a truth, the empty opposition benches signified near zero confidence in Zuma and Mbete. And added that her humiliation was complete when Zuma publicly hauled her over the coals in the National Assembly.

During his presidency budget reply on Thursday, President Jacob Zuma labeled the recent behavior of MPs in Parliament an embarrassment and called on National Speaker Baleka Mbete to fix the degenerating Parliament.

Zuma, who took only 30 minutes to answer questions on the budget noted that whenever he travels to other parts of Africa‚ “people ask me embarrassing questions about this Parliament”.

The embattled president added that people also complain that the ‘drama‚ theatrics and antics’ in SA parliament was changing perceptions of the country as a leading example of constitutional democracy”.

Remarkably, this year’s budget presentation turned sour following the physical ejection of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members from Parliament on Wednesday. During the proceeding, the economic fighters prevented president Zuma from speaking to them, calling him an ‘illegitimate president’.

On the other hand, only two opposition members from the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) were present on Thursday to hear Zuma out together with other ANC members.

On a shocking note, last month, COPE representatives in the National Assembly withdrew from taking part in its proceedings after considering damning judgment given by the Constitutional Court given on Thursday 31 March 2016.

The opposition party asserted that since Parliament refused to act against the incumbent in the office of the President, their refusal, therefore made it guilty of contempt of court.

COPE, however, maintained that it will continue to meet and work with all opposition parties inside and outside of parliament to ensure that political leaders comply 100% with the Constitution.

“We have also resolved to give our fullest support to civil society movements, religious formations and all other organized groups who are working to defend the Constitution of South Africa,” it added.

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