Cabinet Reshuffle Is Imminent, Zuma Will Replace Gordhan With His Ex Wife – COPE


According to the Congress Of The People (COPE), cabinet reshuffle is imminent and, President Jacob Zuma will be replacing the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan with his ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Also, Minister Derek Hanekom will be replaced by Gordhan and Hanekom will become an ordinary back bencher in Parliament, claimed COPE.

Congress of the People said they were reliably informed about the claims above by a well-placed ANC members .

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Asserting that the main drivers of the “destructive agenda” are the “ANCWL, ANCYL, the Premier League (a pro-Zuma camp led by the premiers of North West, Mpumalanga & Free State) and their funders the Guptas”; COPE explained that the move to elevate Dlamini-Zuma as finance minister is a move by President Zuma aimed at getting his ex-wife set to take over as president of the ANC and hopefully, South Africa.

“The latest vicious attacks on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and calls for him to be fired is a well worked out plan by the Jacob Zuma faction to remove Gordhan and replace him with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma .

Zuma and his vultures will stop at nothing to achieve their mission of looting National Treasury and they are hell-bent in an attempt to capture the Treasury,” asserted COPE’s spokesperson Dennis Bloem.

More so, the party cautioned Zuma and the ANC that their internal factional fights must not become the country’s problem.

“Zuma must know he had already destroyed the economy and the image of this country.

We are definitely not going to sit down and keep quiet when our finance minister is under attack by vultures,” charged COPE.

Meanwhile, COPE reacted to the allegations about ANC’s R50 million covert campaign during the 2016 local government election saying they were the first victim of the war room and that the ANC spent millions of rands in dirty tricks against them.

The covert campaign allegations of the “ANC War Room” came to limelight after a Public Relations strategists, Sihle Bolani claimed that the ANC is owing her R2.2 million for executing campaigns aimed at destroying the reputation of opposition parties during the 2016 local government election.

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According to Bolani, the aim of the war room was to dis empower the DA and EFF campaigns, to use a range of media to encourage the public to vote for the ANC , discrediting and undermining the oppositions and printing fake elections material for the EFF.

“COPE is not at all shocked or surprised by the scandalous dealings that were exposed by the PR practitioner Sihle Bolani. COPE believes every word of Bolani.

“…It’s a screaming shame that the ANC used R50 million of tax-payers’ (money) to fight its opponents,” stated COPE.