Parliamentary Chaos: COPE Feels Justified Waving Parliament Goodbye


The soaring height of Parliamentary chaos and failure to accord respect or legitimacy to President Jacob Zuma during his budget presentation on Wednesday has given the Congress of the People (COPE) party another cause not to regret pulling out from parliament.

The opposition party bewailed over the state of parliament and how it has degenerated into discord‚ dissension and dishonesty. With its shameful state, the party said it has been vindicated for pulling out.

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Speaking further, COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem stated “By its shameful failure to act as an independent arm of government‚ through the strength of the ANC caucus‚ neither the president nor the executive are being properly held to account. The present parliament has lost its legitimacy.”

The party also blamed members of the National Assembly for failing to vehemently discipline Zuma, who defiled his oath of office.

“Mr Zuma broke his oath of office. This was the finding of the apex court. Even so‚ parliament has done nothing to act against him for this very serious violation of the Constitution.

As a result of the ANC caucus holding sway‚ it pretends to be business as usual. That can never be. While Mr Zuma clings on to power‚ he will not be accepted as president by more and more South Africans‚” Bloem said.

COPE Vehemently Kicks Against Parliamentary Chaos

For the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Bloem expressed unhappiness over their behaviour in Parliament. He said decorum has to prevail and mutuality has to be obtained.

He added that the incessant Parliamentary chaos experienced in the National Assembly must be stopped so that Parliament will be restored as a place of robust debate but never permitted to be the space for disorderly conduct‚ extreme rudeness and forced removal.

The party’s spokesperson added that “Mr Zuma has too many criminal charges waiting to be answered. On top of all that‚ he broke his oath of office. Furthermore he is over-borrowing‚ over-spending on consumption and putting South Africa into a very deep hole. Those who still support him do so out of expediency‚ not conviction. The situation is becoming impossible.”

He therefore urged the ANC to deal decisively with the Zuma issue so that rule of law not only prevails but is seen to be prevailing. In addition, Bloem made it clear that it is wrong for the ruling party to whitewash all Mr Zuma’s transgressions and thereby to plunge the country into chaos.

Meanwhile, the opposition party has recently challenged every political party to support disclosure of funding. COPE asserted that since early 2009, it has been propagating the imperative for all political parties operating in South Africa to disclose the source of their party’s funding.

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But sadly, it said that agreeing to such a disclosure has been seriously resisted by the ruling party and other bigger parties as well. However, COPE remarked that it is fully aware that disclosure would end state capture and open up many leading politicians to exposure, criminal charges, conviction and jail time.

The party therefore challenged every other political party in South Africa to see what is going on and to recognise the extent and severity of the damage that secrecy of funding is causing to our country. Adding that parties that shun such transparency should in turn be shunned by voters.