Cope On Molefe’s Return: SA Is Not A Banana Republic, Gupta’s Spoilt Brat Must Not Be In Eskom


As the former ANC member of the parliament Molefe returns to the Eskom today, opposition party COPE plans to stage a mass protest at Megawatt Park, the Eskom headquarter.

The protest organised by the Congress of the People (COPE) will be to stop Molefe from entering the Eskom building to resume his duty again as the utility boss.

Eskom’s announcement of Brian Molefe’s return to head the utility board again sparked yet another political tension in the wake of the Concourt hearing over parliamentary secret ballot debate against Zuma.

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Definitely, Brian Molefe’s return as CEO will bring about a tough Monday for the utility as COPE threatened to physically stop him from entering Megawatt Park, the power utility’s headquarters in Johannesburg.

South Africans were thrown into confusion on Friday as the board members of the state power utility announced its decision to reinstate Molefe despite stepping down to “clear his name” in November last year in the wake of allegations of possible impropriety levelled against him in the public protector’s report into state capture.

Planning to physically barricade the road leading to the Megawatt Park gate, COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem said his party was determined to show President Jacob Zuma, the Guptas, Molefe, and “any other Mickey Mouse” that it will not allow anybody to turn South Africa into a banana republic.

The party calls on concerned South Africans to join in the move against Eskom capture by marching towards the utility headquarter to air their voice.

“Brian Molefe will not be allowed to enter any gate at Megawatt Park. Our people will guard all entrances,” Bloem said, adding that COPE will demonstrate through physical action to “let them know that we have had enough of this blatant corruption.”

“It is totally unacceptable that this government is treating our people with disrespect and taking people for fools.

Molefe should stay away from Megawatt Park to save himself an embarrassment, he said.

Molefe’s return coincides with the decision of acting CEO Matshela Koko to go on leave. This after the legal firm appointed to probe a possible conflict of interest against him has asked for more time to complete its investigation.

Koko is the subject of an investigation into allegations that his step-daughter was a director of Impulse International when it was awarded several contracts worth around R1 billion by Eskom.

Amidst the widespread outrage against Molefe’s return, the Economic Freedom Fighters released a statement where it referred to Molefe as Gupta’s puppet and a spoilt brat whose return into the power utility will end up finalising the wishes of his master.

Only in a banana republic can a person resign from a State Owned Enterprise as CEO based on strong allegations against them, then become a public representative, and when they are not appointed to cabinet, then returns to his CEO job, the party said.

“Molefe is a spoiled-brat of the Guptas; he clearly is not earning a good salary as an MP and he went to cry to his handlers, who then issued an instruction for his reappointment into Eskom,” the EFF says, adding that it would consult legal counsel and will approach the courts to stop this madness.

Molefe is set to make his first public appearance as reinstated Eskom chief executive when he addresses the opening session at the African Utility Week conference and expo in Cape Town on Tuesday.

 Meanwhile, the ruling ANC has joined other opposition to question Molefe’s reinstatement referring to the move as unfortunate and reckless

If it was not for the serious implications of the ruling party deployment agency; one might be tempted to laugh at the situation around the reinstatement of Mr Brian Molefe as the Eskom Chief Executive (CE), the UDM added.

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The DA also condemned the move and added that Molefe was never entitled to R30 million payout in the first place neither did he qualify for early retirement as he was under the age of 55.

Besides, he only worked at Eskom for 21 months, this only qualifies him for an estimated maximum retirement benefit of only R2,5 million, the party noted.

As usual, the DA is preparing to file a court application for a review of Molefe’s return to Eskom as CEO.

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