COPE Abandons National Assembly


Following last week’s failure in the quest to remove President Jacob Zuma as the leader of the nation, the Congress of the People (COPE) has abandoned SA’s National Assembly.

The Congress of the People (COPE) decided to suspend its participation in the National Assembly arguing that there’s no reason to participate in the affairs of a Parliament where the majority humiliated the judicial arm of the government.

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Speaking, COPE leader, Mosiuoa Lekota said the party participation in Parliament is no longer sensible. According to Lekota, “a declaratory order is necessary because both the president and his caucus have ridiculed a judgement which everybody has appreciated as a seminal judgement.”

COPE he said, “is determined not to make itself guilty by collaborating with any activity the ruling party is seeking to carry out in parliament as if nothing has happened.”

Apparently, the opposition party believes that removing Zuma as President is the only reasonable response to the Constitutional Court judgement on Nkandla matter.

The EFF echoed COPE’s sentiment in a statement where the party iterated that “there is indeed no better response, on the part of Zuma, in implementing the Constitutional Court judgement than to step down as President of the Republic of South Africa.

The country needs not be taken through the trauma of having to institute more legal actions to remove Zuma. We call on him to do the honorable thing and step down from office in the interest of reaffirming a constitutional order and the rule of law.”

Meanwhile, the fighters welcomed the reports that the Gupta family has left South Africa. They said “the Gupta family and their relationship with Zuma and many in the cabinet represent the type of kleptocracy that must never see the light of day” in South Africa.

And added that “their departure must be celebrated as a step in the direction towards the restoration of the rule of law which will be completed with the ultimate removal of Zuma.”

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