OMG! Why Would A Cop Do This In Social Gatherings Just To Entertain People?


Now, I’m beginning to realize why compatibility is very essential in marriage. Come on, when two people are compatible, they freely exist together without problems or conflict. A compatible home is that home where the man is ready to accept, tolerate, condone and sometimes endure certain things (which sometimes might not even be pleasant at all) from the wife and vice visa.

I am not a marriage counselor neither am I a preacher. But, hold on, if I may ask, how many women will be willing to take hours dressing their husbands in female attire, make up him, wear him shoes, lend him a bag and then cheer him up to the stage to perform?

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If you can as a woman, oh nice of you! But I’m certain that most women would not even like to talk about it, see it or even act it. Perhaps, the idea is this, ‘be pleased with whatever brings you happiness in your relationship with your husband’.  To break it down, if your husband is comic in nature, learn to flow with him, if he is the playful type, join the chorus and life keeps moving on.

Now, could you imagine that a cop who entertains people at social gatherings is actually dressed up by the wife? Weird? According to the report, the Limpopo police officer entertains the local community for free in his spare time by wearing his wife’s clothes at local social gatherings.

The hilarious cop, Warrant Officer Robert Nemukhwathoni, who is stationed at Sibasa police station in Venda started entertaining residents in 2014. He hails from Vondwe village near Thohoyandou but he amazing fact about Nemukhwathoni is that he is a dedicated, hard-working policeman.

He recently made waves at an event near his village when he took to the stage in a dress, wig, earrings, women’s shoes and handbag and complete with make-up. At the gathering, he roamed around like a super model, proudly greeting people, with a big smile on his face.

And people who expressed madness at Nemukhwathoni got this reply from him “After everything we’re going through in this country, we really need something to laugh about. Laughter is the best medicine. All these clothes belong to my wife Salphinah. She is very supportive of what I do.”

“My wife and kids never miss my performances because they really love what I do. “Nobody ever laughs at my kids because their father dresses in their mother’s skirts,” funny Nemukhwathoni added.

How Nemukhwathoni Started Featuring in Social Gatherings

Speaking on how he started his entertainment blast, he said, “There was an event at work and the entertainment was normal. I came up with this idea and my colleagues loved it. They then started inviting me to other events and, as they say, the rest is history.

“Despite my busy schedule as a policeman, I give myself time to practise and come up with new tactics to make the audience happy. I welcome any invitation to perform as long as it does not interfere with my day-to-day work as a police officer,” he stated.

Seriously, I won’t tell you how glad I will be to have Nemukhwathoni entertain my community.

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