Controversial Activist Ntsiki Slams Caster’s Fees Must Fall Comments


Controversial activist Ntsiki Mazwai has gone after gold medalist Caster Semenya who was roasted on Twitter on Monday for making derogatory comments about the fees must fall campaign.

Speaking to Sowetan about the ongoing protests for free education, Caster said she’s under the impression that the students were “wasting their time”.

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“I’m not saying the campaign is good or bad but I wouldn’t go out there to jeopardise my school work and waste my time toyi-toying because I cannot afford school. Are you just doing that because you’re a failure academically, attempting to disturb others so that they cannot graduate or are those people leading the campaign postgraduate students?” said Caster.

Thus, Twitter took aim over the comments. Meanwhile, controversial activist Ntsiki Mazwai took over the case and got everybody talking her her comments.

She expressed her utmost shock at Caster’s comments, calling them reckless and selfish. According to Ntsiki, “instead of lending her powerful voice to the movement…Caster thought ONLY of Caster… This is in view of the fact that celebrities have the power to make a difference through their voice. She added that Caster had the option of not commenting on the matter – “U can just keep quiet sometimes,” she wrote.

In addition, Ntsiki wondered if all the criticism which Caster received from the world has made her so self-centered that she doesn’t care about anyone anymore.

A fresh round of student protests under the popular #FeesMustFall movement erupted in South Africa last month. This was after Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande announced that there will be an 8% increase in university fees.

Consequently, the nation was thrown into a frenzy with some people kicking against the move, while others supported it. Apparently, the students’ top wish is to get a free education.

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