Connie Ferguson’s Kids – Meet Her Children Who Are Following In Her Steps

Connie Ferguson has two children named Lesedi Ferguson and Alicia Angel Ferguson who are both daughters. Connie Ferguson’s first daughter, Lesedi, is from her marriage to her first husband, Neo Matsunyane, while Angel, is her daughter from her second marriage with Shona Ferguson.

Connie Ferguson has been one of the most admired women in South African entertainment. She has had a long-lasting impression in her career and family life, and enjoyed a sustained marriage with her husband, Shona Ferguson. They have come a long way, thus becoming one of the country’s highly respected power couples. Beyond her marriage and successful business, Connie is a mother of two adorable kids.

Unlike most other celebrity kids, the children of the actress are not so much known in the public sphere because they have continued to maintain a rather private life from that of their parents. That doesn’t mean they have not been drawing the interest of the public.

Connie Ferguson Has Two Daughters From Two Marriages

In two marriages, with the first lasting for five years and the second now spanning over two decades, the delectable actress has given birth to two children, namely Lesedi Ferguson and Alicia Angel Ferguson.

While you might not find so much reference to this in the public domain, Connie Ferguson was actually first married to a fellow actor, Neo Matsunyane. The story surrounding how the two met and started dating has remained in the shadows, but by 1993, they decided to walk down the aisle. Many of goodwill had hoped that the two would gift the industry a power couple, but that was not to be as only a few years down the line, five years to be exact, they called it quits in divorce following allegations that Connie had an affair with fellow Generations actor, Buyile Mdladla.

Interestingly, that did not stop them from maintaining a good and healthy relationship as they co-parented the daughter the marriage produced, Lesedi Matsunyane, who is often referred to in the media as Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson.

Since the divorce, Neo decided that he would remain single without getting married again, but Connie remained unmarried only for the next three years before she met Shona Ferguson, a man that swept her off her feet on their first meeting by chance when he went to drop his mutual friend with Connie’s sister at their place. He asked for water, and when he was just about to leave, Connie entered the room, and it was love at first sight for them.

Only a couple of months later, they were traditionally tied, and the rest is history. Today, they have a child together, making the second of Connie’s children, unfortunately, Shona died in 2021 from Covid-19 complications.

Meet Connie Ferguson’s Kids

Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson is Connie Ferguson’s First Daughter

  • Birth name: Lesedi Matsunyane
  • Parents: Connie Ferguson and Neo Matsunyane
  • Date of Birth: 31 December 1992
  • Career: Actress
Connie Ferguson
Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson (Image Source)

Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson, as she prefers to be called, was born on December 31, 1992, which means she was birthed even before her parents tied the knot, and she was almost 6 when the marriage ended.

With both parents and even a step-father in the world of make-belief, not too many people would expect that the beautiful South African would be cut for anything other than acting. That is the path she chose, and the Kinky Bohemian, as she describes herself, is doing very well in that regard.

Acting was either inbuilt in her DNA or something she picked at an early age because she seemed to have always loved it and went on to study Live Performance at AFDC Cape Town, from where she graduated with a BA. What became her most recognized performance was in the 2019 eTV show Rhythm City. Before then, she appeared in a few other productions, including Generations and Vuselela.

She has made it clear against speculations that she got her roles thanks to her parent’s involvement in the industry that it had nothing to do with that. She is a product of her talent and hard work, not nepotism.

Alicia Angel Ferguson is Connie Ferguson’s Second Child

  • Full name: Alicia Angel Ferguson
  • Parents: Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Career: Musician

Alicia Angel Ferguson is the one who is described as the Miracle child. After the marriage between her parents, doctors told Shona that he might not have his own children. He noted that God had other plans for him contrary to doctors’ and science’s initial belief.

Only a year after her parents got married, Alicia was born on 7th June 2002. According to her father, when his daughter was born, he had a feeling that he had now conquered all the setbacks that life had placed on his path. Since her birth, Angel has remained the apple of her parent’s eyes.

Now 21 years old, she has also decided to make a career in the entertainment circles following the same path towed by almost everyone around, even though a little different as rather than following in as an actress or filmmaker, she has cut in as a musician. For now, she is still trying to make a name for herself in that regard.

Connie Ferguson Seems To Have Influenced The Career Path of Her Daughters

Connie Ferguson
Image Source

While Connie Ferguson and her husband have always been very busy people, looking at their career lives, they have never shied away from their responsibilities as parents to their children. This has helped Connie to influence her daughters’ career paths greatly.

Interestingly, her first daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson, has decided to follow her footsteps almost to the latter. Even though she did not start as early as some might have expected, she gradually made her way into the industry. She made it known that although her career may be a prolonged one, she is sure to make some important strides. While many family members are in the movie business, she is not hiding in their shadows but is rather adding to the lineage. Her big dreams beyond making a name for herself as an actress in South Africa is to become known globally and appear in a series probably on Netflix.

While she is better known as an actress, she also doubles as a casting director and a content creator. She is also a fitness enthusiast like her mother, so it is not unusual to find the two sweating it out in the gym.

Connie Ferguson Is Also A Grandmother

Beyond just being a mother to her two beautiful daughters, Connie also doubles as a grandmother as her first daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane, is a mother. The latter had her son, Rowena Cai Tshiamo Malema, on April 29, 2015.

Although other revelations about the young kid are not made known, it is not a secret that his father is the South African celebrity photographer Austin Malema. Austin has worked with big names globally, including Beyonce and Jay Z, and has been listed as one of Forbes 30 under 30. Lesedi and Austin are no longer an item after birthing their child out of wedlock.

That said, the kid has become a ray of sunshine in the life of his grandmother, who has gushed over him several times on her social media handles.


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