Concourt Ruling Makes SA’s Democracy Safe; We Now Need A Fresh Start Says Phosa


Yesterday’s Concourt ruling brought relief to many south Africans who feared that their democratic rights has been hijacked and trampled upon by powerful corrupt individuals. By ruling against President Zuma over the use of nation’s money for personal business, the ordinary citizens are hopeful that their concern matters to the authorities.

Former ANC treasurer general and former Mpumalanga premier Mathews Phosa reiterated the not only will south Africans have confidence in the government, they will “sleep with ease in the knowledge that nobody and no actions are above the law”.

Addressing the Phalaborwa Chamber of Business on the Constitutional Court’s finding on Thursday that President Jacob Zuma had acted illegally and in violation of the Constitution, Phosa said he is now sure of the nation’s safety.

“Our democracy is safe. With the Concourt ruling handed down in the Constitutional Court today, one of the most important tests of the Democratic principles contained in our Constitution has been tested and passed.”

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Pointing out how the Concourt ruling faulted President Zuma’s position thereby making it more controversial than it was before, Phosa said he is looking forward to the nation’s fresh start.

The whole country now waits with bated breath to hear whether he‚ and my party‚ the ANC‚ will do the right thing and relieve us of this crippling nightmare.

“We need a new beginning‚ fresh and selfless leadership and a collective that finds a cause bigger than itself.

Acknowledging investigation by the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela against Zuma’s use of public fund to renovate his homestead, Concout ruled that Zuma pays back the fund in few months.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng who said Zuma’s failure to comply with Madonsela’s remedial action was inconsistent with the constitution and invalid, added that the treasury must determine the reasonable cost of the upgrades not related to security‚ namely the visitors center‚ amphitheatre‚ cattle kraal‚ chicken run and swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has related how happy she is with the outcome of the Nkandla case. Speaking yesterday in her office in Pretoria Thuli said Concourt ruling is a victory for every South African who turns to her office to hold government accountable.

Madonsela, whose tenure would be officially ending this year told the media that she is overwhelmed because the court’s ruling has re-affirmed the powers of the Public Protector.

Today is the day the Constitutional Court restored hope in the constitutional dream for every ‘Gogo Dlamini’ out there who needs to rely on the Public Protector to hold government accountable for improper conduct that may have wronged her.”

“The role of a public protector is to see your blind spots”, says Madonsela. We thank the Constitutional Court for the groundbreaking decision,”she added.

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