Complete Cell C USSD Codes List

The Cell-C network has engaged its customers with new operational models by stringing together a couple of USSD codes that will aid the customers in executing different operations such as checking their numbers, airtime balance, recharge codes, and many others. These codes are all different; hence, we will be making a list of codes under this article.

List of Cell C USSD Codes and Their Specific Functions

The Cell C website has been designed to provide its customers with all manners of services, but that hasn’t prevented them from providing various means to access these services instantly through their Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, also known as USSD. The usefulness of this service data is that it saves you the stress of having to surf through the website before you can access a particular service. The list of USSD for Cell C is classified and listed as follows:

Cell C Recharge USSD (*102*Recharge Card Number#)

This USSD code is used to recharge your Cell C mobile number. All you need to do is input *102* and then add the digits provided by the voucher that you purchased and then complete it with the # key before dialing. Your mobile account will be credited within seconds after completing the process.

Cell C Data USSD (*147*4#)

This USSD code enables you to buy data from the list of available data bundles provided by the Cell C network. Just dial *147*4# and select the bundle you want from the list provided.

Cell C Balance Check USSD Code (*101#)

This is the most common Cell C USSD code used for checking airtime balance, SMS/MMS, and data balance for any phone number. Once you dial *101#, all the details of the available balance on the phone will be displayed.

Cell C USSD to Check Own Number (*147*100#)

This is the code used to display the MSISDN of the mobile device you’re using. It enables you to check and retrieve your number. This can be a useful service for new users of the Cell C network who may not have gotten used to their mobile numbers and may need to retrieve them from time to time. Just dial *147*100#, and the number will be displayed.

Cell C Airtime Transfer USSD Code (*147*333*Cell C recipient’s number*Amount#

The Cell C Airtime Transfer USSD Code is *147*333*Cell C recipient’s number*Amount# This shortcode can be used to share airtime to another Cell C customer’s account. This may come in handy when you have a friend that needs airtime but has no means to procure one. All you need to do is dial *147*333*Cell C recipient’s number*Airtime Amount#, and the airtime will be transferred in a few moments.

Cell C Airtime Sponsor Code (*147*01*Cell C Airtime Sponsor’s number*Amount#

This is a USSD code used to request airtime from a sponsor when you cannot notify them through a call or a text. A simple dial of *147*01*the Cell C Sponsor’s phone number# will notify the sponsor of your immediate need for airtime. You will get a notification if the airtime sponsor responds by sending you the airtime.

Cell C Whatsapp Bundle USSD (*147# and then select Whatsapp Bundle)

Another most popular Cell C USSD code is the Cell C WhatsApp bundle USSD. This is used to subscribe to Whatsapp data bundles enabling you to get access to your WhatsApp app. This can be done by dialing *147# and then selecting the option for WhatsApp, from which you can choose the specific bundle that suits you.

Cell C SIM Swap USSD Code

SIM swap is a process used by Cell C subscribers to recover their SIM in cases where they have been misplaced, stolen, or even damaged. In the Cell C network, SIM swap cannot be done using any direct USSD code. All you need to do is to purchase a new Cell C starter packer and follow the following steps:

  • Dial 084135 from any other cellphone. This activates the Self-service IVR from which you can select “option 1,” which is for “Manage SIM Swap.”
  •  Proceed to any Cell C outlet and request a SIM Swap.
  • Finally, proceed and dial 084135 or 135 and select “Option 9” to speak to a customer care representative from Cell C.

Once this has been done, wait for about 2 hours and insert the new SIM card into your mobile phone. The process should be completed by then, and you’ll be able to use your SIM card once again.

Other USSD Codes Used on the Cell C Network Include:

  • *147#: This is used to change from a current Cell C tariff plan to another one.
  • *133*1#: This is used to check WASP subscriptions and block any unwanted subscriptions from the network.
  • *#06#: This is used to check the IMEI of any device you’re using.
  • *##002#: This code is used to cancel all call diverts activated on the phone.
  • **21*08414 and the last nine digits of your Cell C phone number#: This is used to divert all incoming calls to the device.
  • **67*08414 and then the last nine digits of your Cell C phone number#: This USSD code allows your device to divert all calls when you’re busy.
  • *111*Recipient’s Cell C phone number#: This is used to send a “please call me” message to another Cell C user at no charge. Dialing the code will enable the recipient to receive the message requesting him to call you back. This service is available to both postpaid and prepaid users.
  • *101#: This USSD code is used to check the loyalty points you may have accumulated on your Cell C account.

Different Methods of Displaying Your Cell C Phone Number

Some users find it hard to remember their Cell C number, especially those with more than one mobile phone, and occasionally need to be prompted about them. If you’re in this category, you do not need to worry, as the Cell C network has provided a means to get them easily. The methods include:

Cell C USSD Code to Check Own Number

USSD is the easiest method through which any information can be gotten through the Cell C network, and they’re very efficient at no charges to the user. If you wish to retrieve your mobile phone number using USSD, simply dial *147*100#, and the number will be displayed on the device’s screen.

Through a friend

You can get a friend or relative who can always help out by reminding you of your mobile number.

Through a Customer Care Agent

Customer care agents are employees used by Cell C to settle any issues concerning users. To use this method, dial 135 and request the agent to know your number, and that will be granted.

With all these numerous and beneficial Cell C USSD codes list, Cell C remains one of the best networks in South Africa, offering great services to its customers. Take a good look and select USSD codes that can make life easier for you on the network.

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