Community Taunts Teacher For Reporting High School Sex Video


Our Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga didn’t refer to anything like the story here when she recently stated that our education system is a catastrophic national crisis with pockets of disasters. But then, her words are perfectly suitable for the high school sex video incident at Durban. Apparently, one of the “pockets of disasters” opened up its content to remind us that moral values are long dead in the education sector.

There are reports about a sex scandal in Durban where a 15-year old girl from a Durban high school was sex-taped having sex with four boys inside a classroom.

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Based on The Citizen report, the video circulating the school and community was seen by the teachers at the high school who then called on the police and led to the arrest of 15 boys who have had group sex with the girl inside and outside school.

While ten of the boys were subsequently released as they were under-age, five of the boys appeared in the Durban Magistrate’s Court. As such, a group of community members are after one of the teachers who according to them, spearheaded the investigation of the incident which have in turn led to the arrests and prosecution of some of the boys.

As related, the group which includes “parents and family members of the suspects, blockaded the school entrance and closed the school using rubbish and blocks and are calling for the teacher to leave the school, claiming the boys are innocent.”

One of the parents was quoted to have said – “the girl is known to be loose. She willingly slept with all of them. Why didn’t she scream for help. She did it even outside the school.”

Meanwhile it’s been alleged that the school is with a written evidence indicating that the girl only agreed to have sex with one of the suspects – her boyfriend – who reportedly invited and arranged for his friends to take part in the sexual intercourse. 

The disturbing incident has however changed the perception of some South Africans about the Maiden Bursary Award scheme arranged by the Uthukele District Municipality.

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