Communication Minister Faith Muthambi Bigger Than ANC?


Former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has made a startling revelation.

Speaking with journalists recently, Vavi disclosed that Communications Minister Faith Muthambi is truly bigger than the ANC.

Remarkably, the former COSATU unionist revealed that ANC’s Zizi has been deceiving South Africans all along. He alleged that the minister gets instructions directly from President Zuma and not the ANC.

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“He (Kodwa) knows that I know he and Mantashe tried very hard to get Muthambi to live by the spirit and the latter of the law as prescribed by various ANC policies. He can’t control Muthambi because she gets instruction from the office above them, Vavi said.

Vavi was reacting to Kodwa’s claim that Solidarity and himself had hijacked the fight for a SABC free of censorship. He accused Kodwa of diverting people’s attention on SABC’s censorship with his baseless allegations.

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“Which ANC is Kodwa speaking on behalf of? The one of censorship or the one that promotes media freedom? His conscience tells him he is on the wrong side of history. He wants to divert attention away from the real issues.

The shameful support of the ANC of censorship is supposed to be now about Vavi. That is nonsense. Where is the ANC and why is it not defending the Constitution of the Republic? What type of ANC do we have today?”

Communications Minister Faith Muthambi Has The Back Of SABC COO

Minister Faith had welcomed Motsoeneng’s decision to ban violent footage at the SABC. She has on many occasions defended the COO and his ‘outrageous decisions’.

You will recall that SABC COO recently cancelled a meeting with Vavi and other stakeholders, scheduled to hold at the SABC’s Johannesburg stations.

In response, ANC secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe, told reporters that Vavi is not qualified to speak for ANC after he had withdrawn from the party.

“He is neither appointed by me or by the ANC. He must speak for himself. If he turns his back on the ANC, he can’t now speak for the ANC,” he said.

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ANC’s secretary, Gwede disclosed on Tuesday that those insinuating that the ruling party is manipulating SABC are just stirring unnecessary unrest because ANC is a victim too.

“…SABC sometimes censors us as the ANC and nobody speaks. It doesn’t report on our activities and yet nobody comments. Censorship is a bad thing generally,” he lashed out.