SA Comedian Trevor Noah Likens Julius Malema To Donald Trump


South African actor and comedian Trevor Noah recently drew comparisons between the campaigns of South Africa’s Julius Malema and US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking during a press junket at the Daily Show’s New York studio at the weekend, Noah asserted that ideologically, the only thing that separates the two is distance.

The 32-year-old television and radio host made this comparison when he answered questions about what is considered the most interesting, engaging and entertaining US election in recent times.

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He said,

“In South Africa we had a period when Julius Malema was doing what Trump is doing now. He was race-baiting, he was outlandish, he was governing the news cycle – no one could get a word in edgewise. I think this election is a culmination of every bad habit that America has got used to: enjoying demagoguery, fear-mongering [and] sensationalising stories.”

Although Comedian Trevor Noah is not eligible to vote in the US election, he however promised to cast his vote in the forthcoming election in South Africa. He said:

“I will be here [in New York] so I will go to the embassy to vote,”

Comedian Trevor Noah’s Show

Trevor Noah is the host of American late-night comedy/commentary television program The Daily Show, succeeding Jon Stewart. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs on Tuesdays to Fridays on DStv Channel 122 at 9pm.

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On Monday, the Johannesburg-raised funny man amused his fans by posting on his Instagram page that he has found the mysterious “Becky with the good hair”. You’ll recall that in Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade, she opened up about Jay-Z’s infidelity, accusing the mysterious “Becky with good hair” for her marital crisis.

First, US fashion designer Rachel Roy was accused of being the mysterious woman and then followed by musician Rita Ora. And while the internet has been searching every minute for the “Becky”, Trevor Noah said he has found her. Now, take a look at the “Becky with a good hair”, found by Noah.

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