“Come Fix My Toilet And I Will Vote For You” – Woman Tells ANC Campaigners


It couldn’t get funnier than this. News 24 reports that African National Congress members who took to Adriaanse Estate in Elsies River, Cape Town to woo people’s confidence in President Zuma back, were entirely engaged in different activities.

As if the residents planned it, the campaigners were forced to listen to their plight. ANC national executive committee member Jane Manganye took some ANC members to the Estate in a door-to-door campaign. Recently, it appears many South Africans may have highly lost interest or hope in the president, following his numerous plights.

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More so, many South Africans look forward to Thursday, when the president would be having a parliamentary discussion at SONA with South Africans and foreign guests. So, there have been tale-tell signs that the president has lost the confidence of many South Africans. Hence, the primary reason for the door-to-door campaign in Adriaanse Estate in Elsies River, Cape Town.

Report said when the residents sighted the ANC members, they began to table their needs and problems to them. A middle-aged resident Mary-Anne Stevens  bluntly told the campaigners that ANC can only have her vote, if the Party can fix her toilet. Her toilet has not been flushing for several years.

“Come fix my toilet and I will vote for you.”

“My windows have also blown right out of their frames. The council has done nothing to fix it. Maybe the ANC can help me,” said 55-year-old Stevens.

On another block, a resident Stanley Fisher showed Manganye a leaking roof, he confessed that he has lodged several complains with the local rent office but nothing has been done about it. Responding, Jane Manganye pledged to relate the matter to Lindiwe Sisulu, who is the Human Settlements Minister.

Responding to Manganye, Mr Fisher thanked the ANC member for her anticipated gesture. However, he bluntly told the politician “I was raised in a home of firm ANC supporters, but I don’t know if I will follow them. There’s so much drama with these politicians.”

The tour took a different dimension when ANC councillor Beverley Malong met a woman, who narrated her plight with teary eyes. Desiree Petersen, a housewife with five kids, solicited much help from the party, as she hardly takes care of her family. She said “I can’t take it here anymore.”

“There is so much friction in this house in which I am a tenant. There are 10 of us in this small space and my children have to sleep on the floor.”

“I survive on the grant I receive for my two school-going children,” she said.

However, a different story was heard from another female resident. She pledged her unalloyed support for the ruling party. She attested that ANC has always been there for her. She however said the DA does nothing for them.

“The DA doesn’t do a thing for us,” Faroda Cloete said.

“Here where we live, the ANC is always there. They are active and on the ground, ready to assist. The ANC works for me,” she said.

Last Month, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe reiterated that the party is very confident that it will still retain the metros it currently governs in the forthcoming local government elections.

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