Colonialism Tweets: Zille Likely To Be Expelled By DA Top Officials


Helen Zille’s colonialism tweets could lead to the termination  of her political career with the Democratic Alliance as the party’s top officials plan to expel her.

According to information from DA’s senior leaders, the latest colonialism tweets on social media and subsequent writings to defend her claims have placed her on a collision course with the party and she would face the harshest possible sanction: Expulsion.

Helen has since the apartheid era, made a name for herself as a political journalist, working for the Rand Daily Mail, South Africa’s leading liberal newspaper.

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Through her journalistic skills, Zille was able to uncover the true story behind Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) leader, Steve Biko’s death in 1977, which she discovered was due to police brutality and not natural causes as the government had claimed.

She had also served in many controversial positions that helped her career in politics today. One of such is her involvement in the Black Sash movement during the 1980s. She served on the regional and national executives of the organisation, and was also vice-chair of the End Conscription Campaign in the Western Cape.

Zille was the former leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), and a former Mayor of Cape Town. In fact, she was nominated as one of 820 world mayors and was winner of the 2008 World Mayor award in October 2008.

Despite her effort to the growth and development of South Africa’s top opposition party, the Western Cape premier seems to be facing the most controversial phase of her political career as the DA’s internal structures order for a preliminary probe into her colonialism tweets.

Zille subsequently apologized for defending colonialism but then went on to pen a lengthy justification of her comments in which she ostensibly compared the DA to the ANC.

DA federal executive chair, James Selfe, told Bussinesslive that Zille would face the DA’s federal legal commission (FLC) on Saturday where she could face expulsion over comments.

The paper reported on Thursday that FLC chair Glynnis Breytenbach said a report would be sent to the federal executive once the probe was complete, and only then would a decision be taken on whether or not to charge Zille.


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Breytenbach said if she is charged, the federal commission will decide on a sanction, which must then be ratified by the federal executive.

Even her successor, Mmusi Maimane told the paper that the DA had been built on institutions which no party member was bigger than.
“No one individual is bigger than the organisation because the organisation is made up of South Africans who are from different walks of life, subjecting themselves to the same values and the same institutional capacity,” he said.

Zille’s comments will be debated in the Western Cape provincial legislature next week but she said on Wednesday that she did not want to pre-empt the FLC process.

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