BLF Says Colonial White Churches Are Victimizing Pastor Mboro


You know Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng, best known as Pastor Mboro. He’s the “Man of God” who was transported to heaven where he met Jesus Christ’s sexy Xhosa wife and took pictures of Paradise.

Later, Mboro would visit hell to kill Satan. He’s a well-known Pastor in South Africa. Clearly, his reputation exceeds him.

Anyway, the Black First Land First (BLF) movement said it will no longer stand by and watch the victimization and criminalization of Pastor Mboro and his Incredible Happenings Ministry by colonial white churches.

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According to the movement, the greediness and evil deeds of white monopoly capital are far-reaching.

“Those who do not want radical economic transformation, supported by colonial white churches, are now hellbent on using Chapter 9 institutions such as the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Commission) to victimize and criminalize African indigenous churches and their spiritual leaders,” stated the movement.

For this reason, a delegation of BLF leadership will visit  Incredible Happenings Ministry church on Sunday, 15 October to assist the famous pastor fight off the evils of colonial white churches.

BLF said the CRL Commission meant to protect the rights of cultural and religious communities has lost its purpose.

“This was evident when the commission summoned black spiritual leaders as if they were already guilty of alleged crimes. No consultation was done with the African independent churches but the commission threatened its leaders such as Pastor Mboro.

“This is enough evidence to show that the … probe into the commercialization of religion stems from bad faith and old slavery tactics of wanting to control any and all actions of black people, even the way they worship,” argued the movement.

Thereafter, BLF asserted that white colonial churches are led by land thieves and racists. They stole the land of the African people and, have not asked for forgiveness for the colonial crimes, genocide and the dispossession of black people.

“The only form of justice to be achieved from all their crimes is through the return of the land… The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is busy with regime change instead of protecting religious freedom,” added the movement.

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As such, the movement called on South Africans to defend the African indigenous churches. To them, land is the spirituality of religion.

“We call on the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, to reject the report by the CRL commission on the commercialization of religion and abuse of human rights, and we further call on parliament to institute a probe on the agenda behind the CRL commission victimizing and criminalizing black African churches,” charged the movement.