Coleen Rooney To Eat Her Own Placenta After Giving Birth


29-year-old Coleen Rooney, adorable wife of English soccer team captain Wayne Rooney has had her placenta turned into pills for her to take in order to help her recovery after giving birth to her third son Kit. And guess what? She can’t wait to start on the pills.

She’s the proud mum of three cute boys, and Coleen Rooney just got better and better with her style game during and after each pregnancy.

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The stunning star and her football superstar husband, welcomed their baby Kit into the world during the weekend and both mother and child are settling in well at home with the other members of the family, six-year-old Kai and two-year-old Klay.

Coleen Rooney made the decision to ingest the placenta that Kit was carried in for nine months in order to help her to recover quickly from the birth. She had the company Placenta Plus turn the placenta into tablets for easy ingestion.

Coleen Rooney took to Twitter to reveal a photo of her peculiar jar of pills. She wrote on it: ”Looking forward to starting my capsules @placentaplus1 …. Thank you xx (sic)”

She also revealed in further tweets that a friend of hers recommended that she eat the placenta, which is believed to serve as an energy boost for nursing mothers. It also allegedly increases breast milk production and can even prevent post-natal depression due to the nutrients that are packed in the placenta sack.

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She later wrote: ”It was a friend who recommended it to me, never heard of it before.”

Coleen is absolutely smitten with her newborn baby and can’t get enough of little Kit since returning home with him. Accompanied by baby and blue heart emojis, she tweeted: ”In love ……..again!! (sic)”