Cold Front To Hit CT Tonight And Drift To JHB By Weekend


While heavy rain is expected in some parts of the Eastern and Western Cape, the South African Weather Service says a cold front is expected to hit the Western Cape this evening before drifting to Gauteng this weekend.

Weather forecaster Dipuo Tawana after thorough investigation says temperatures are expected to drop significantly in most parts of the country.

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“We have issued a watch for heavy rainfall in those areas overnight until tomorrow morning over the south-western parts of the country, which is the Western Cape. By Saturday, we expect the south central parts of the country, including Gauteng, to be affected.”

Agri Western Cape said yesterday that this year’s winter rainfall in the province was late as farmers have already planted their winter crops, but so far not enough rain has fallen to grow the crops , placing them at risk.

Though the province had experience some rain over the last few weeks, the Western Cape remains a water-scarce province made worse by the ongoing nationwide drought.

Last month, the South African Weather Service predicted more chilly weather for both Gauteng and Cape Town as the cold front continues towards the south east coast.

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According to the forecast, as some parts of the country were expecting chilly weather, more rain was not to be expected in and around Johannesburg for some days.

Meanwhile, two years ago, the South African Weather Service predicted that Gauteng residents will start feeling the effects of an intense cold front which was expected to hit the Western Cape and parts of the Northern Cape while Gauteng will not be spared in the chill. The temperatures were expected to drop and possibly give birth to the first summer rains.

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