COPE, UF, UDM, And EFF Want Zuma Axed As Part Of Coalition Requirements


Of a truth, President Jacob Zuma’s refusal to step down following piles of scandals leveled against him may cause the ANC more harm than good should the ruling party refuse to sacrifice him on the altar of coalition.

A look at coalition requirements issued by most political parties shows that removing Zuma as president of South Africa topped the requirement list.

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The list was unveiled after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), United Democratic Movement (UDM), Congress Of The People (Cope) and United Front (UF) had a meeting on coalition guidelines ahead of talks with the ANC and the DA.

The four political parties agreed after the meeting, that coalition talks with the ANC and DA will be initiated if only they vow to improve welfare services of South Africans.

Coalition Requirements

Reports said the political parties demanded the following:

• Provision of clean water and in particular to rural hinterland;

• Provision of quality shelter for all those who deserve and qualify with speed, and eradication of informal settlements;

• Electrification of all rural areas and provision of reliable electricity to all;

• Better waste management systems for social and economic beneficiation of citizens;

• Putting an end to E-Tolls;

• Regulation of the informal trading including street vendor hawkers;

• Prioritization, formalization and integration of the Early Childhood Development as part of the mainstream education system;

• Vigorous and meaningful actions intended to create sustainable jobs;

• An immediate review of the procurement (tendering) system to favour amongst other Local Economic Development and beneficiation;

• Reviewing of the current property valuation and rating system;

• Improving of the billing system to ensure that citizens pay for services they consume;

• Creation of the dedicated units for regular maintenance of the infrastructure;

• Eliminating corruption at all levels of government;

• Removal of the current Head of State who has been an embodiment of corruption;

• Finalisation of the proper naming of the Capital City of the South Africa;

• Provision of Free Education to all deserving citizens;

• Immediate suspension of the envisaged Nuclear deal;

On Budget Implications/review matters, the parties demanded that budgets be reviewed and re-aligned in the next six months in order to ensure maximum resourcing of the afore-mentioned priorities.

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On Constitutional Reforms matters, the parties demanded that an urgent National Convention led by political parties and all other social partners be be put in place in order to address the following issues:

• Land question;

• Property ownership;

• Nationalization;

• Electoral reforms;

• Party Funding Legislation;

• Strengthening of the Chapter nine institutions.