Clement Maosa Biography: Meet Kwaito from Skeem Saam in Real Life

Clement Maosa (born May 9, 1988) is a 36-year-old South African actor, radio DJ, model, lawyer, and musician famed for playing the character Zamokuhle’ Kwaito’ Seakamela on Skeem Saam, the South African television series.

Maosa joined Skee Saam in the first season of the show (in 2011). He is one of the longest-serving actors on the TV series, which shows he is good at what he does. Through the show, he has earned an overwhelming fanbase, fame, and fortune. He is a jack of all trades and master of all, having excelled in every single career he’s known for.

Summary of Clement Maosa’s Biography

  • Full name: Clement Maosa
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: May 9, 1988
  • Clement Maosa’s Age: 36 years old
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Clement Maosa’s Child: Bokang Maosa
  • Clement Maosa’s Net worth: R200 Million
  • Famous for: Playing Kwaito in the television series Skeem Saam
  • Clement Maosa’s Instagram: clementmaosa
  • Twitter: @clementmaosa
  • Facebook: Clement Maosa

Who Is Clement Maosa and What Is His Age Now?

Clement Maosa is a South African actor, lawyer, musician, entrepreneur, model, and radio DJ. He is currently 36 years old. Maosa was born on May 9 1988 in Polokwane, Limpopo. He was, however, raised in a town called Bochum (also called Senwabarwana) in the Blouberg Local Municipality of the Capricorn District Municipality in the Limpopo province.

The Skeem Saam has a younger brother and two sisters. They all grew up together in Bochum. Further details about his family background, childhood, and siblings’ current whereabouts are under the radar.

He received his elementary and high school studies in a village called Ga-Rammutla, in Capricorn District Municipality, Limpopo. It was while he was in high school that he changed his initial plans of becoming a soldier. He, instead, decided to become a great actor.

The actor attended the University of Limpopo, where he studied law. The particular year he graduated is not public knowledge.

Who Are Clement Maosa’s Parents?

Clement is the son of South African parents, Mr. and Mrs. Maosa. Their first names are not available, and both of them have reportedly passed away. Before their passing, they gave their children the best training any parents would give their kids.

Apart from their names, their exact occupations were not public knowledge. Clement hardly talks about his parents publicly. However, he once mentioned that he wished he could be given just one day to see and chat with his parents because he missed them greatly.

How Clement Maosa’s Acting Career Began 

Maosa launched his acting career in 2011 in the popular South African television series Skeem Saam. He received a call from the producers of the show after a successful audition asking him to join other actors in the show. He traveled from Limpopo to another city for the audition after finding out about the audition on Facebook.

Since the first season of the show (which began airing in 2011), he has been playing Zamokuhle “Kwaito” Seakamela. His character is a smart teenage kid who has a keen interest in poetry and enjoys reading and writing.

Though Kwaito was born into an average family, he does all to his best abilities to impress his mother, who loves him so much. One of the things that often make him sad is the fact he has no one to call his father.

Maosa’s performance on the show has been exceptional right from the first season. He joined Skeem Saam at the age of 23, and for over a decade now, he’s been doing a fantastic job.

Skeem Saam is the only TV role Clement has starred in. However, he has other hustles through which he makes money. He is a radio DJ, model, and artist. He also describes himself on his Instagram bio as an entrepreneur, farm owner, and brand ambassador.

Clement Maosa’s TV Works

  • Skeem Saam

Clement Maosa Awards

2015 Fame South Africa Award – the Best Male Actor award.

Clement Maosa’s Wife

This is one aspect of the musician’s life that he has been tight-lipped about. It is difficult to tell if Maosa has secretly tied the knot with his long-time fiancee or not. His fans have been curious to know if he has secretly gotten married or is a baby daddy.

Image Source

Although the actor hardly makes public statements about the woman that gave birth to his son for reasons best known to him, it has never stopped him from showing the world how cute his son is on his Instagram page.

The musician has been together for some years now. He proposed to Kamo during his 30th colorful birthday, but since then, nothing has been heard about the two sealing their love officially.

Kwaito from Skee Saam is a doting dad in real life. He loves his son Bokang Maosa so much and flaunts him on his Instagram page. He was born in October 2019.

Clement Maosa’s DJ Career Has Also Been Quite Successful

It is easy to tell that Maosa is doing great as an artist. His Instagram page is littered with pictures of him performing before a large audience and entertaining them with great music. The Limpopo-born artist has also influenced and endorsed many brands on his social media page.

Some of the brands he has promoted include Value-able consulting, Orchid Aesthetics, and Go Groza (which happens to be his company – a delivery company).

Not much is known about his farming business and how it is thriving. Maosa is equally a philanthropist. He has a foundation called Bakgethwa Foundation. His foundation’s primary aim is to help young people, including South African girls, to be educated and become useful in life.

Other gestures his foundation has also achieved include but are not limited to giving new pairs of shoes to learners and sanitary towels to girls.

The Actor Enjoys Huge Fanbase Across His Social Media Platforms

Clement Maosa is active on major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The Polokwane-born star has over 220,000 followers on his Facebook page (Clement Maosa).

On Instagram (@clementmaosa), he is being followed by over 1.5 million Instagram users, while his Twitter account (@clementmaosa) hs more than 417 followers. The actor is very active on these platforms and connects with thousands of his fans on his pages.

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