WATCH: Civilian Tactically Knocks Down A Drunk Cop On The Street


A video of a super drunk cop fighting with a civilian has stirred up a heated argument and mixed reactions on the social media.

The video went viral on Wednesday morning shortly after it was exclusively posted on the Facebook page – South-Africa Uncensored – with the title “SAPS Boxing”

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The clip, which was apparently taken in the morning showed the armed cop threatening to slap a civilian dressed in a black top.

He was later seen staggering and thrusting forth his fists in readiness to hit the civilian while other civilians tried to separate them.

While many defended him, saying that he wasn’t drunk, others insisted that he was super drunk, judging by how he was tactically thrown down by the civilian at the beginning of the video.

Nonetheless, a fellow police officer who reacted to the ugly incident explained that the drunk cop’s display on the street doesn’t speak good about the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Cop Mandla Ngubane condemned the cop for the misbehaviour; adding that officers of his type are the people who drag the image of the police through the mud.

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“That’s when I feel embarrassed to be a policeman. My pride goes out, through the window. I just don’t know why do we have such policemen! But at least there are some of us who still have it within themselves. I am a policeman who is much better than this and there colleagues of mine out there who are better police officials then this.”

The SAPS is yet to comment or unveil the identity of the cop.

Take a look at the video that has stirred up so much controversy among social media users.

In recent time, there is apparently an upsurge of reports about police officers drinking while on duty. While the SAPS has been living up to expectation, reports still indicate that some cops bring the department into disrepute.

Last month, a police warrant officer from Public Order Policing Faure was nabbed on 30th December 2016 for drunk driving and ramming into a street signboard on the street.

The cop allegedly smashed the police van against the pole while he was trying to avoid a taxi that had stopped at a pedestrian crossing near Cherry Lane.

He was later slapped with criminal charges and the SAPS promised to set up a disciplinary committee to look into the matter.

Questions are being raised about how the SAPS handles cases of cops who misbehave while on duty.

On several occasions, there have been reports that police allegedly tamper with dockets of people arrested for drunk driving in exchange for cash. Thus, resulting in low convictions for drunk-driving arrests.

South Africa’s local media Sunday Times once reported that of the 1 481 drunk-driving arrests made in 2012 by the Durban Central police station, only 111 resulted in convictions.

Sadly, political heavyweights in the country are not also left out as there are several reports about public figures allegedly caught drunk-driving.