Must Read: Malema Opens Up Another Side Of Himself South Africans Didn’t Know


Who would have thought or probably believe that EFF’s CIC Julius Malema is a scaredy-cat when it comes to winning the attention of women?

Come on! it’s not like I said it, no! He did. Yes! Juju made the startling confession, just when we thought the defiant fighter is a “professional” in the game – at least considering the fact that he is one of the most ballsy politicians in South Africa.

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Speaking to Anele Mdoda during an interview on Real Talk, Malema spilled the beans on how he gulps down alcohol before approaching women. To him, pouring in few cups of alcohol down his throat clears the way for a dauntless approach to women.

The iron-fisted party leader recalled on a number of times, he chickened out of making several approaches to women because he was low on alcohol.

CIC Julius Malema Speaks More About Himself

Blowing the lid off, Malema admitted that he could handle any situation, but when it came to women he applies an extra force.

“We can confront any situation. But when it comes to approaching the one you want… it’s difficult,” he opined.

The EFF leader made the confessions when he reacted to Mdoda’s statement on why fearless men often feel weak-kneed to approach ladies.

The chief fighter, however, told the local talk show host that he stopped drinking day after he met his wife.

“Since I got married I stopped drinking. Because it helped me. The drinking part was making it easy (to approach women),” Juju said.

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Making a clean breast of the other side of him, Juju admitted that he is not a good cook; he would have been a lawyer if he hadn’t ventured into politics. Telling it all, he said he is the only surviving child of his parents and that he apologizes a lot. He hates comedy and loves foreign movies with subtitles because he hardly understands what white people say.

Taking on President Zuma, CIC Julius Malema said our dear president is a charming and charismatic leader; but lacks leadership qualities. In summary, he affirmed aside politics, “you would enjoy Zuma’s company”.

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