Church Massacre: South Africa Inspired The Killing Of 9 Blacks In USA


The senseless killing of innocent and defenseless persons is sadly, a common phenomenon in our world. Al-Qaeda has organized many of such brutal killings, the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has grabbed global attention with its brutal terror tactics which has claimed numerous thousands of life. Nigeria is always on the news with fresh reports of terror because of Boko haram and of course, South Africans slaughtered many white farmers while xenophobia reigned.

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And just yesterday, Dylann Storm Roof, a 21-year-old white man shot and killed nine blacks in USA. The trending news narrates that the white 21 year old walked into the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and shot nine blacks who were attending a bible study class. Eight died at the scene while a ninth died at the hospital. Roof reportedly said he wanted to kill black people before he took the life of the victims among whom were six women and 3 men.

Dylann-Storm-RoofA witness, narrated what happened and quoted Roof as saying “you’ve raped our women, and you are taking over the country … I have to do what I have to do” before he shot one of his black victims. Many opinions have been shared on the motive(s) of the massacre. Nevertheless, it’s quite clear from Roof’s actions, statements, and the above picture that he’s a racist who was inspired by South Africa.

Before you conclude that its baseless to link Roof to South Africa, take another look at his picture again. What exactly is the South African’s flag of the apartheid era doing on Roof’s jacket? I bet you can’t answer that so we’ll help you out.

SA AparthiedThe old South African flag, pictured above, was an essential symbolic representation of the apartheid convictions portrayed in South Africa, where the only race that mattered is the white identity. In the flag, you can surly see the smaller flags which represents the recognition of the Dutch and British Identity by the apartheid government. Where is the symbol for the blacks?

Again, you might argue there are two flags on the jacket. Well, the other flag belongs to a country that once shared a similar apartheid history with South Africa. Presently known as Zimbabwe, the other flag belonged to Rhodesia, which was once a country that committed terrible crimes against humanity just as South Africa did.

Thus, its obvious that Roof is a white supremacist inspired by South Africa. The story is sad, and more saddening when the motive for massacring nine persons is based and attributed to the negative lessons learnt from South Africa’s history.

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