Church Fires Prayers On Troubled ANC Leader Fransman, Prays For Protection From “The Devil”


Rusticated leader of the Western Cape African National Congress (ANC) Marius Fransman has finally found himself in the church. He was pulled into the church after a group on Facebook, named “Friends of Marius Fransman” organized a prayer service for him.

Fransman, who was accused of sexually harassing his 20-year-old personal assistant appeared in the service with his wife [Philida], two kids, mother and a host of relatives and well-wishers.

The host church Shekinah Healing Ministries housed over a thousand souls, who showed their solidarity while praying at the Old Crossroads Hall. What more could they be praying for if not for troubled Fransman to be re-instated.

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Recalling one of the biblical injunctions during prayers, Reverend Nkomfa said: “The Bible says we must pray for those in leadership and not judge them”. The Reverend then fires more prayers saying – “You are a chosen leader, God has chosen you. Father, we ask, protect him from the devil.”

Not only that, the chairman of Cape Town Minstrels’ Carnival Association, Richard Pot Stemmet also entertained the teeming worshipers with melodious sounds from his band-Young Guiding Stars.

Praying with all sense of assurance, the minister in-charge of the ministry Reverend Deon Nkomfa prayed  “We pray for the chosen one. Father, open the doors in the time of confusion, there are lies going around and we pray for justice to prevail. Father, we claim his position back.”

Countless hands were stretched towards the troubled leader, as voices rose high to heaven, calling on God to crush every “evil forces” that want to eliminate him. After the prayers, Fransman took to the stage and expressed his profound gratitude to the ministers and to all who have stood by him. He said that though he was in pains, he was happy that the enemies plans failed.

“In the past few weeks, a project which was led to get me down has failed. I want to say thank you to the Apostle, while I have been feeling hurt and in pain,” Fransman said.

Pouring his mind on the group’s Facebook page, one of his followers Niyaaz Hakim wrote, “It isn’t a secret that the exact same individuals who fought and removed the best Western Cape chief, Ebrahim Rasool, are the exact same individuals making an attempt to eliminate our Chairman Marius Fransman.

The 20-year-old assistant claimed Fransman assaulted her while on their way to ANC’s 104 birthday celebration in Rustenburg in the North West. It was gathered that Fransman told the lady to be at ease with his advances, if she truly wants the job. However, the lady maintained in her docket that, “she told him [Fransman] that she does not feel comfortable and he said it would be her challenge to overcome if she wants to make a success out of her career and needs to be clinical and cold about it.”

Fransman was immediately suspended by the African National Congress who maintained that justice must take its course in the matter. Speaking when the party received the complain last month, the party spokesperson Zizi Kodwa  said, “we are aware of the sexual harassment charge being laid against Marius.”

“We have been in touch with Marius to get an explanation. Of course the law must take its course.”

However, ANC Western Cape spokesman Yonela Diko stated: “The ANC processes to look into Fransman’s case are underway and we know the ANC will deal with the matter fairly and satisfactorily.”

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