Merry Christmas South Africa; Zuma Is Santa!


Our honorable president is probably, the most disrespected president in the history of the country. Such incidents like the ANCWL marching for the president’s dignity, the ridiculing naked paintings of the president’s privates, and the president’s son stating that the Zuma name is very much disliked in South Africa, can all substantiate the appraisal. 

The president is despised as it is believed that he has consistently indicated his mission as the president of the nation is to ruin the county. From the many corruption scandal in the country under Zuma watch to Nkandla, Nene (finance minister) dismissal, and the president insisting his party, the ANC is more important than the country, the pubic confidence in Zuma has deteriorated to a sorry state.

As South Africans, we’ve thus, resorted to taking hold of every single opportunity we get to remind ourselves of how unhappy we are with the government of the ANC and with Zuma at the helm of the nation. Jonathan Shapiro, the cartoonist better known as Zapiro, is at the forefront of this. 

He was in 2008, almost indicted for a cartoon that depicts Jacob Zuma’s devoted supporters that includes the EFF leader Julius Malema, Gwede Mantashe, Zwelinzima Viva and Blade Nzimande holding down Lady justice, with the president undressing himself to rape Lady Justice. Now, it’s Christmas and Zapiro has painted another piece to remind us of the leadership problem of the country. It’s as though Zapiro is saying to South Africans; “while you’re celebrating Xmas, don’t forget Zuma is still the president”. What better way can one send across such message than portraying Zuma as Santa.

Following the popular believe of a Santa Clause that make a list of children, categorizing them according to their behavior – “naughty” or “nice” so as to deliver presents to the well-behaved children, Zapiro depicted Zuma with his list of the “nice guys” he’ll be gifting consisting of “himself”, “Dudu” “cronies”, “wives and family”. The elves and the flying reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh to help him accomplish his task in Zuma’s case are members of his ANC teams, who are beginning to have problems defending Zuma’s actions.

Santa Zuma

A description of the painting above titled “Christmas 2015 In South Africa” as found on Zapiro’s site stated;

Santa Claus’s reindeer form an imaginary team of flying reindeer traditionally held to pull the sleigh of Santa Claus and help him deliver Christmas gifts. Zapiro paints Christmas in South Africa. Santa “Zuma” Claus riding on his sleigh being pulled by his reinndeer (Members of his ANC teams, who are beginning to have problems defending Zuma’s actions) delivering his presents. His presents mainly for himself but also to Dudi Myeni and his wives.

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