Child Sex Offenders Should Be Castrated As Additional Punishment – Alabama Lawmaker


What could be the best punishment if not castration for child sex offenders who prey on innocent children? An Alabama lawmaker in the United States of America Steve Hurst has suggested that permanent surgical castration be introduced as a new form of punishment in addition to imprisonment for those found guilty of child sexual abuse.

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The lawmaker’s bill if signed into law, would mean that any person who is over the age of 21 who commits a sexual related offense against a child who is 12 years old or younger will be surgically and permanently castrated in addition to his jail time before leaving custody.

He deemed it fit to equal the punishment of these child sex offenders to that of what they have inflicted on their victims for life.

“They have marked this child for life, and the punishment should fit the crime,” Hurst stated.

Hurst’s introduction of the bill was not the first time and the bill has raised a lot of eyebrows and comments. People questioned the inhumanity surrounding the law.

“I had people call me in the past when I introduced it and said, ‘don’t you think this is inhumane?’ I asked them what’s more inhumane than when you take a little infant child, and you sexually molest that infant child when the child cannot defend themselves or get away, and they have to go through all the things they have to go through. If you want to talk about inhumane, that’s inhumane,” Hurst replied.

Hurst said he strongly believes that this extreme punishment for child sex offenders would help to drastically reduce the number of sex offenders.

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However, the bill still has a long way to go as it will have to pass the judiciary committee before it is heard by the Alabama House and Senate.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe also proposed on his 92nd birthday that child rapists be castrated.

What are your opinions on this bill? Fair or not?