Too Bad! Child Allegedly Raped At A Daycare Center


Sexual violence against children is far becoming a norm in the South African society as security department records an overwhelming rate of children falling victims to this crime.

Recently, Western Cape Social Development Department launched an investigation into the rape of a little girl child at a Strand daycare center.

Report from eyewithness news has it that the little girl who is about four years old was sexually assaulted at the daycare center last month, but the allegations only recently surfaced and was reported to authorities.

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Rape in South Africa has been regarded by most people as one of the major nightmares of the government since the post apartheid era. With the increasing number of about 150 rape cases being reported to the state security, citizens are getting weary about how government handles the issue.

To some analysts, rape cases would continue to increase in the state because the leaders are yet to come out in full to take the matter forward and champion the issues and ensure the correct legislation is formed to protect and empower the victims of rape.

The alleged rape of the 4-year-old little child is obviously one of the numerous rape charges laid in court today and the Police spokesperson Captain Frederik van Wyk who confirmed this to news reporter said a case of rape was opened on April 20 at the Strand police station but said that the child involved was aged 2.

Though no arrest has yet been made, the matter is still being investigated by the Khayelitsha Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit.

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Related to this, the South African Police Service (SAPS) revealed the arrest of a man in Cape Town in connection with 23 rape incidents.

The 33-year-old suspected serial rapist was arrested in the Epping Industrial following an extensive five-year investigation by the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences provincial task team. The police could not give further details about the man but said that he would be arraigned in court today.