Child Murders In South Africa Has Increased By 14.5 Percent

It has been revealed that child murders in South Africa climbed by 14.5 percent.

This revelation was made by the Minister of police in a parliamentary reply to a question asked by the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

The Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula in his reply, specified that child murder in South Africa increased by 14.5% year-on-year with 969 cases.

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From what we learnt, the question that brought this menace to light was first posed by MP Mike Waters in 2014

According to DA, the Minister of Police admitted that the question had gone unanswered for more than three years. Whit respect to that, DA said:

“This really speaks to the lack of urgency shown by the government in tackling the scourge of child murders. The DA has been trying to get statistics for child homicide rates in South Africa for the past ten years, but have been frustrated by a government that is either unwilling to address the crisis or is indifferent to it.”

Having said that, the party disclosed that the Minister’s reply covered a two year period. It detailed the murder weapons used. They include knives (604), firearms (397), sharp instruments (203), hands (177), sticks (78), stones/bricks (53), string/wire (30), poison (25), and axes (23).

“These gruelling statistics serve as clear evidence that this government is failing our children and their silence on this matter is unacceptable,” added DA.

The party said it will be submitting further parliamentary questions to the relevant ministers to determine how many alleged perpetrators were prosecuted and/or convicted.

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Apart from that, the party will also submit further parliamentary questions to the Minister of Police. This time, DA would ask for details on what steps his department is taking to address the escalating crisis.

“(We remain) committed to ensuring that children grow up in a safe and secure environment that shields them from violence and abuse, allowing them to pursue their dreams and aspire to their full potential,” upheld the party.