Charlotte Hospital Roof Collapse: Did You Know R185m Was Spent To Maintain The Hospital


Investigation into Charlotte hospital roof collapse dug up shocking revelations into the whopping amount spent to maintain the local hospital.

The Charlotte Hospital roof collapse did not only see five people injured, but also cost the hospital expenses not budgeted for, despite reports that the hospital spent about R185 million in maintenance costs over the last four years.

Taking a look at how the money was spent, report from Gauteng MEC for Infrastructure Development Jacob Mamabolo, has it that the largest share of the money was spent in the 2016/17 year.

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The R185 million was split up over the years in the following ways according to Mamabolo:

  • 2013/14 – R18 million
  • 2014/15 – R40 million
  • 2015/16 – R60 million
  • 2016/17 – R67 million

Reacting to this report, DA Shadow Health MEC Jack Bloom raised questions over how that money could have been properly spent given Charlotte Maxeke’s current state especially as the hospital is reported to still have broken ceilings, leaks in many places as well as broken air-conditioning.

“The total amount of R185 million could have built about five clinics or a small hospital. I suspect that much of the money was wasted on contractors who were not able to complete the job,” says Bloom who also noted areas where these monies could have helped solve some of South Africa’s challenges, particularly in the health sector.

“The contractor who was responsible for the collapsed roof at the  Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic hospital was clearly incompetent and should never have been chosen to fix water leaks.There needs to be proper controls and expertise to ensure that all future money is spent effectively to ensure that this hospital is in good condition,” he went on to say

The report about how much money has gone down in Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital came at the time some of the hospital employees express their worry about another potential roof collapse.

Mamabolo is expected to release his official findings on the original collapse, in the coming days

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Concerns have been raised in the past about the structural durability of the building – especially in the X-ray department on the fifth floor.

Eyewitness News revealed in 2015 that a 2012 report had warned that the X-ray department must be evacuated as it could potentially collapse as there were structural defects on the fifth floor and recommended R50 million worth of urgent repairs.

The Charlotte hospital roof collapse that happened earlier this month occurred on the same floor, but not close to the X-ray department and though no deaths were recorded, a number of patients and medical  personnel were injured.