CEOs Can’t Earn More Than R25 Million A Year, Tax Them More And Fund Education – ANCYL


Funding education has been a pain in the butt of our dear rainbow nation. Last year, the pain drove our student crazy. They practically took over our streets and literally paused every other activities going on in the country as they stormed angrily at the government’s palace, occupying everywhere daring the government to either shoot them down or shoot down the fees.

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The #FeesMustFall campaign got the government panicking and the students were eventually promised that there will be no further increase in the fees. Recently, the campaign came alive again as students disrupted their registration exercise demanding a complete free registration for all academically qualified student.

With the incident, the ANCYL in Kwazulu-Natal decided to solve the education problem by figuring out how to fund education in the country. To them, it’s a simple problem.

All that needs to be done is to extra-tax all salary earners earning more than R1 million in a month; and out map a heavy, special tax for fancy champagnes and expensive booze. The solution as postulated by the youth league, based on an IOL report, was applauded by other youth bodied with one of the group opining that the special, heavy tax should be extended to include tobacco.

The ANCYL chairman, Thamsanqa Ngubane was speaking at the ANC provincial celebration in Greytown when he asserted that education must be free in the country. “Education is a necessity, not a privilege to be enjoyed by those with money,” he declared.

The ANCYL chairman commented that the tuition fees at the universities must be monitored in line with the government promise that fees wouldn’t increase this year.

With that, he added that the government “should introduce special tax to fund free education. Those earning more than R1m must be taxed because you can’t have CEOs earn more than R25m a year…We also make a call on the government to introduce an increase on tax for expensive alcohol,” Ngubane stated. Stressing that individuals rich enough to purchase drinks that cost more than R1, 500 for one bottle must be tasked to pay more tax.

IOL related that the NFP Youth Movement president, Sibusiso Mncwabe revealed that his organisation is endorsing the ANCYL special tax concept for funding education. He was quoted saying;

Education should be free in all levels. We agree with the proposal to fund for education by taxing alcohol…It should extend to sale of tobacco, because there is so much money generated by the tobacco industry. We understand that there is already a tax on tobacco, but it is not enough.

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