Cell C Data Bundles, Prices and Deals

On Cell C, you can buy daily data bundles, 7-day data bundles, 30-day data bundles, social media bundles, and even night bundles. There are also WhatsApp and TikTok bundles, and each of the different Cell C data bundles comes with different prices, terms, and conditions, and as such, they have their different pros and cons.

You can decide on the data bundle to buy depending on your budget, current need, and the duration of time you want the data to last. In this article, you will get to know all of Cell C’s data bundles, their prices, and the pros and cons.

Cell C 7-Day Data Bundles

With as low as R10, Cell C customers can purchase weekly data bundles. This offer is only available for one-off purchases. After seven days, if you do not use up the data bundle, you can rollover by purchasing another seven days bundle. Here are the different bundle offers:

Price Data
R10 60MB
R15 150MB
R25 250MB
R46 500MB
R65 1GB
R95 2GB

This data plan is perfect if you don’t use so much data per week. But if you are someone who requires a lot of data every day of the month, it may not be the best idea.

Cell C 30-Day Data Bundles

Cell C 30 days Data Bundles is one of the best data bundles to choose from if you are someone that requires so much data. But, you should know that it is more expensive than the seven days bundle.

Price Data
R10 40MB
R15 80MB
R29 150MB
R35 250MB
R49 325MB
R80 800MB
R95 1GB
R149 1.5GB
R199 2GB
R249 3GB
R299 6GB
R399 7GB

Cell C 100GB Prepaid Data Deal

The Cell C 100GB data deal is one of the most expensive data deals, but it comes with value. It costs R2999 and has a validity period of 90 days. If you are someone who surfs the internet a lot and you have a large data budget, then this is an offer you should consider taking advantage of.

Aside from the 100GB offer, there are other Cell C data deals that have a validity duration of 90 days. These deals include;

Price Data
R499 10GB
R799 20GB
R899 30GB
R1199 40GB

Cell C Night Data Times

Cell C also has data plans for night owls, who can stay active at night while others are sleeping. Cell C night data plans are only valid from 1 am to 7 am. Night data plans are usually cheaper, but if you cannot stay active at night, don’t bother purchasing them. The offers in this plan include:

Price Data
R6 250MB
R15 1GB

How to Convert Night Data To Day Data Cell C

It is not possible to convert Cell C nighttime data to daytime data. As such, you should only purchase night data on nights when you are sure that you can use it up between 1 am to 7 am.

Cell C Upfront Data Plans

Cell C customers who would love to settle their data needs for a year should consider this plan. For a specific amount, Cell C would credit your number with data per month for 12 months. While this plan is a great way to pay for data for a whole year, heavy data users may not find it good enough because the data size is usually small.

Also, those who do not use the internet so much may waste the data they have paid for if they pay for a year at once. You can purchase any of the offers in this deal if you don’t use so much data and you love the idea of paying upfront for data. Here are the different offers you can choose from

Price Data Duration
R129 100MB every month 12 Months
R199 200MB every month 12 Months
R399 500MB every month 12 months
R799 1GB every month 12 months
R1299 2GB every month 12 Months

Cell C WhatsApp Bundle

You can also purchase a data bundle that can only be used on WhatsApp. It’s a great plan to purchase if the only thing you need data for is to send messages on WhatsApp because this data deal cannot be used to make WhatsApp voice and video calls.

The offers in this plan include:

Price Data Duration
R10 300MB 7 days
R20 600MB 15 days
R29 1GB 30 days

Cell C TikTok Data Plan

If you love spending time on TikTok and it happens to be the platform where you spend so much time compared to WhatsApp, YouTube, or Google, you should consider any of Cell C TikTok’s data offers.

Daily TikTok Data Plans

  • R3 for 500MB
  • R5 for 100MB
  • R9 for 250MB
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Weekly TikTok Data Plans

  • R15 for 300MB
  • R30 for 750MB

Monthly Tik Tok Data Plan

  • R25 for 500MB
  • R45 for 1GB

Cell C Unlimited Data Bundles

Cell C does not have an unlimited data bundle. However, you can purchase an unlimited airtime plan, like the R500 offer, in supa charge.

Smart Data Daily Bundles

Light data users can consider the smart data daily bundles. With as low as R4, you can purchase data you use for a day.

This plan is best if you need little data for a time, but if you intend to purchase data every day, you may realize that you are spending so much money on data in the long run. These are the offers in this plan.

Price Data
R2 5MB
R4 25MB
R9 65MB
R14 120MB
R17 100MB
R20 1024MB

How To Purchase Data On Cell C

The method for purchasing almost any data bundle on Cell C is similar. You can either use the self-service, USSD code, website, or mobile app option.


  • Dial *147# or *109#
  • Follow the prompts to purchase data


  • Dial 135
  • Enter your self-service PIN
  • Select the option that allows you to purchase data


  • Log in to Self-Service on the Cell C website
  • Go to ‘Add Extras’
  • Go to ‘Add Data’

Cell C Wi-fi Bundles

Cell C has partnered with AlwaysOn to make Wi-fi bundles available to their customers. The available offers include:

Price Data Duration
R18 300MB 30 days
R50 1GB 30 days
R90 2GB 30 days
R175 3GB 30 days
R250 5GB 30 days

To purchase Cell C Wi-fi Bundles, follow The steps below:

  • Dial *147#
  • Select option 4
  • Choose the bundle you wish to buy
  • Complete the process

Cell C Prepaid Data Bundles

As a Cell C prepaid customer, there are different bundles you can choose from. Unlike other data bundles, these bundles do not come with data only. For the price you pay, you will have access to both data and call time.

However, the data from prepaid bundles are usually small and may not be enough for those who use so much data every day or month. Here are the different prepaid offers you can choose from:

All-In-One Bundles

The All-in-One Bundle comes with data and airtime every time you recharge, and here are the different offers:

Price Validity Data Call time (Minutes)
R5 – R14.99 3 days 30 MB 30
R15 – R34.99 3 days 120 MB 300
R35 – R49.99 3 days 300 MB 600
R50 – R149.99 7 days 1024 MB 900
R150+ 7 days 2048 MB 900


With the Cell C ultra bonus, you get three times your recharge which you can use to purchase data bundles and make calls to any network. This bundle gives you triple the value of the following amounts;

  • R5
  • R10
  • R15
  • R20
  • R25
  • R30
  • R35
  • R50
  • R100
  • R200
  • R300
  • R500

However, the airtime is only valid for 24 hours, and you can use it to buy data by bundles that will be discussed as you continue to read.

Supa Charge

Supa Charge plan comes with free airtime and data for any amount of airtime you recharge. However, what you should know is that the data you get for being on this plan is usually small and may not be enough for those who need bigger data plans.

The duration of the data will depend on the amount you recharge. Some Supa Charge offers include:

Price Airtime (Mins) SMS Data Duration
R5 4 4 4MB 1 day
R10 8 8 8MB 2 days
R50 50 50 50MB 5 days
R100 200 200 200MB 5 days
R200 500 500 500MB 15 days
R300 700 700 700MB 15 days
R500 Infinity 1000 1GB 30 days

There are other offers from Supa Charge. There is practically an offer for any amount you recharge from R5 to R50, and you can get to know more by visiting the official Cell C website.

Mega Data

Mega Data is one of the best-prepaid plans to consider if you do not need so much data for the week and would prefer to spend more money on airtime. The disadvantage of Mega Data is that the data offered does not last. If you want data offers that last for more than 5 days, you should consider other plans or buy a data bundle.

Price Amount (Airtime) Data Validity
R50 R50 150MB 3 days
R60 R60 180MB 3 days
R70 R70 210MB 3 days
R100 R100 300MB 3 days
R120 R120 360MB 5 days
R150 R150 450MB 5 days
R200 R200 600MB 5 days
R300 R300 900MB 5 days
R500 R500 1.5GB 5 days
R1000 R1000 3GB 5 days


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